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Twitter Disables the Tweet Count Feature?

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In October Twitter announced that they would no longer be supporting the capability for the Tweet button to count the number of Tweets that have been Tweeted to the URL specified on the button. Twitter officially shut down that capability on November the 20th.

What does this mean for you? Tempest will not be able to obtain the number of Tweets that are Tweeted for any particular piece of content since this is no longer supported by Twitter. As a result, we will not be accounting for the number of Tweets in the total share counts displayed on content. We will also not be able to showcase trending content on Twitter since we don’t have the information to power those algorithms. Tempest will still support the ability for users to Tweet out an article from Tempest.  

Twitter received a lot of feedback before disabling the Tweet Count feature. They have stated they will be incorporating this feedback as they create and improve tools to integrate Twitter on sites. We will stay tuned to see what new features or tools Twitter releases that will help replace the Tweet Count in the future. 

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