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Publishing Toolbar and Mobile Beta

Publishing #toolbar and mobile!

Publishing #toolbar and mobile!

Our latest Tempest CMS update brings the editing tools you need most right to your fingertips. No more fumbling around in the sidebar to publish a post or find the preview URL. Now you'll find all your publishing-related actions right at the top of the editor, and it'll stay in view no matter how long your post is. We call it the Publishing Toolbar, and we think you're going to love it.

The bonus is that by bringing all of this functionality out of the side bar we are able to offer Tempest to mobile on both iOS and Android (Safari is now officially a supported browser!).

Most Important Actions at the Top

You want to perform the most important actions easily. This is why all the publishing and authoring states can now be managed from within the editor itself.

New State Management Bar for Tempest

Easy Navigation

The back button is always exposed thanks to the sticky quality of the Publishing Toolbar, allowing users to easily return to the Manage Content screen. 

New State Management Bar for Tempest with Back Button

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Publish Status Date and Time Stamps

The publish status is revealed at the top of the page with the date and time stamp easily visible.

State Management Bar for Tempest with Publication Status

The same goes for scheduled posts.

State Management Bar for Tempest - Scheduled Publication Status

Ability to Copy and Share a Post URL

Users can easily copy and share a post URL whether it be the live URL of a published post, the scheduled URL of a scheduled post, a working version URL of a work-in-progress, or an unpublished draft of a post. 

Share Live URL

Mobile Beta

We understand the value in having easy access to modify, create, and/or update content on-the-go. This is why the goal of our beta version is to allow basic editing for things like formatting, typos, authoring states and publishing.

It is important to note that the mobile CMS is only a beta version which means certain features are unsupported such as site programming and the ability to manage media and embeds. We plan to iterate on our beta version to incorporate your feedback and some of these features in the future.

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