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New and Improved Article Editor

The editor just got a facelift.

We strongly believe in empowering digital publishers to create once and distribute everywhere. This is why we are committed to providing a best-in-class content creation experience for our partners. The new editor is both beautiful and practical, allowing our partners to focus on what they do best: create great content.

To ensure a seamless transition, we will begin by releasing the new editor to create all new article content. Behind the scenes we will be updating all existing articles to use this new editor. There will be an interim period where you may see both the new editor and old editor. Not to worry, editing article content with the old editor will be supported while we work through this transition period.

Beautiful and Intuitive

The new editor boasts a streamlined, sophisticated design. We believe in providing beautiful tools, not just useful ones.

New Article Editor - Featured Image

We reordered the fields in the article editor into more intuitive groups. This allows authors and editors to focus on one aspect of the content creation experience at a time.

We are eager to bring Tempest to mobile in the next month which is why we pulled as much of the content creation experience as possible into the main editor body and out of the sidebar. This is also why we added a new “Meta” group to the editor which contains fields such as author, rich term, section, and more. Content creators can navigate to one area to manage all metadata associations.

We revisited the workflow to enable a “featured article.” Instead of adding a featured image and setting an article to “featured” we combined these steps into one. By adding a “Featured Image” you will be setting the article layout to featured in one easy step. Talk about efficient.

New Article Editor - Featured Image 2

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Easy Distribution

We improved the workflow for activating an Instant Article from Tempest. Instead of adding a rich term “Facebook Instant Articles” we introduced a checkbox in the “Promo Information” group to make this process more intuitive. When this checkbox is selected, the article will be published to both the website and to Instant Articles.

Read-Only Mode

The Lock/Unlock feature accomplished the basic need to prevent multiple users from simultaneously entering and editing a piece of content. Specifically, we wanted to ensure that content creators could not overwrite one another's work and lose great content. The idea was great but the execution was not ideal. We listened to your feedback, completely refactored this workflow and are excited to roll out this brand new - and much improved - solution.

Read-Only mode describes a period of time when information may be viewed but not amended. This means when one user is working on a piece of content, another user may view that content but cannot make any modifications.

So rather than being locked out completely or presented with an alarming modal, users will be able to access the piece of content (and see who is working on it) but not make any modifications until the other user has signed off.

There will be no unnecessary messaging to users outside of this event. This also completely eliminates the notion of stealing a lock. To put it simply, users will be able to access a piece of content when and if no one else is actively working on it.

It is simple, informative, and less disruptive.

Read-Only Mode


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