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Tempest Download: Performance Improvements and Improved RSS

Tempest gets a major upgrade, with dramatically improved page loading times and real-time RSS.

Performance Improvements

Over the next two weeks, we'll be migrating all sites to a brand new backend infrastructure. Tempest sites will appear the same, but should load significantly faster.

This is the first of a series of changes over the next month to increase page loading speed. Loading content quickly is critical to providing a great user experience, as well as an important factor in search rank, bounce rate, and ad viewability -- so we're investing a lot in making sure that your content gets on the page as quickly as possible.

In addition to improving page load time, this should also dramatically decrease issues viewing Tempest sites behind corporate and institutional firewalls.

We'll be migrating sites gradually over the next two weeks to make sure everything goes smoothly, and we expect no downtime in the transition.

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Real-time RSS

We've completely overhauled our RSS implementation. RSS feeds are now updated in real-time instead of hourly, allowing readers and apps to get access to your content as it's published.

We've also implemented the "pubsubhubbub" protocol, which allows RSS readers and aggregators like Flipboard to get notified every time you publish new content. This protocol is also used by crawlers like Google to let them know when you have new content, allowing faster updates in search results.

This change will also be rolled out gradually over the next two weeks.

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