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Tempest Gallery Redesign & New Header Options

We’re excited to introduce a big update for Tempest galleries! They have been completely redesigned to provide a richer, more immersive cross-device reader experience with a ton of new features. The new galleries feature an optional title and description to help you better showcase your images. Images are viewed in a new media viewer page, which counts a page view for each slide and enables increased monetization for galleries. We’re also introducing support for full size image viewing. Just click on an image, and it will expand to a full size view. You can read more about it here.


To help brands stand out, we’ll soon offer increased flexibility of the look and feel of your header. Bigger logos, multiple positions, and the ability to add a custom background image will all help our publishers make a great first impression.

We’re also cleaning up the nav to make it easier to highlight sections and call attention to social links, search, and brand promotions. We'll start rolling out these changes over the summer and can’t wait to see what your sites look like with the new and improved header!

Below is an example of what can be done; note that this is not a true header from ReadWrite.



We’ve launched a new page with live status information about Tempest and related critical services, available at If you experience any performance or outage problems you can verify operational status here as well as follow incident updates from us around any ongoing issues and our progress towards resolution.

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Tempest Status


Pretty Much Amazing, Cupcakes & Cashmere and Verily officially launched on Tempest in the past week!


Know a brand that would benefit from being on Tempest? Refer a qualifying publisher (500,000 page view minimum) before July 31 and receive $1,000 if they migrate by the end of 2015. If you need some language about Tempest, just ask your site manager and send any referrals their way as well.

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