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What We're Reading - May 18, 2015

Ad Age, "Publishers Willing to Give Facebook Their Articles, but Not Their Ad Sales"

Ad Age, "Financial Times Is Now Selling 'Long-Form' Digital Display Ads"

Ad Exchanger, "What Medium-Sized Publishers Like Beliefnet Are Doing About Viewability"

Ad Week, "With Upfronts and NewFronts Comes the Invasion of the Acronyms"

Ad Week, "How the Ad Industry Can Be Truly Inventive (and Effective) Again"

Ad Week, "The Most Important Digital Conference You've Never Heard of Is (Sort of) Coming to New York"

Business Insider, "Why media companies shouldn't let their traffic run out the side door"

Capital New York, "In interview, Vice C.E.O. Shane Smith ponders I.P.O., giving up chief executive role"

Capital New York, "Maxim‘s new ’Hot List for' the multi-track mind"

Columbia Journalism Review, "Facebook publishing for local news outlets could arrive ‘in the coming months’"

Contently, "The 5 Best Publishers on Instagram (and What You Can Learn From Them)"

Contently, "5 Content Curators That Are Transforming the Art of Sharing"

Contently, "BuzzFeed Just Cracked the Code on How Social Content Spreads, and It’s a Big Deal"

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Digiday, "Digital drives culture change at Condé Nast"

Digiday, "Publishers shrug off concerns, eager to publish on Facebook"

Digiday, "How Business Insider grew its private marketplace business"

Digiday, "USA Today's FTW redesign ditches the infinite scroll"

Digiday, "AOL edit staffers fear the worst after Verizon deal"

Digiday, "Marketers: We struggle to get internal buy-in for branded content"

Folio, "TheStreet Experiments With A Freemium Model For Its $50-Million Subscription Service"

Medium, "Media Companies: Don’t Let Your Traffic Run Out the Side Door"

Newsosaur, "Why publishers had to partner with Facebook"

NY Times, "The Daily News Still Awaits a Savior"

Re/Code, "RIP AOL: Where the Net Was Born for Many"

Variety, "New York Times Ramps Up Search for David Carr’s Replacement (EXCLUSIVE)"

WSJ, "With Facebook’s Instant Articles, Publishers May Find 70 Cents Is Better Than a Dollar"

WWD, "Taylor Swift Tops Maxim’s Reinvented Hot List""Publishers Willing to Give Facebook Their Articles, but Not Their Ad Sales"

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