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What We're Reading - May 13, 2015

Ad Age, "Ad-Tech, not Content, Is King in the Verizon-AOL Deal"

Ad Age, "TheSkimm, an Email Newsletter, Has the Attention of Media Execs and Celebs"

Ad Age, "New York Times, BuzzFeed to Publish Directly to Facebook"

AdWeek, "Will Huffington Post Spin Off From AOL Rather Than Go Under Verizon?"

AdWeek, "At Times, L'Oréal Is Getting 90% Video Ad View Rates"

AdWeek, "Marriage of Verizon and AOL Brings Big Opportunities and Questions About Content Aims"

AdWeek, "6 Major Assets That Verizon Gets in the AOL Deal"

AdWeek, "Here's Why AOL Is Poised to Take On Facebook and Google"

BuzzFeed, "Instagram Says Shutting Down The Shade Room Was A Mistake"

Capital New York, "Nine takeaways from the Verizon–AOL Deal: How little value remains in a fifth- or sixth-tier digital player?"

Digiday, "Why small agencies grapple with programmatic"

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Digiday, "AOL's content sites face an uncertain fate"

Digiday, "5 things to know about the big AOL-Verizon deal"

Fortune, "Verizon has likely already hung a 'For Sale' sign on The Huffington Post"

MediaPost, "Industry Reacts To Verizon's $4.4 Billion AOL Purchase"

Mobile Marketer, "Verizon-AOL deal sets stage for cross-screen advertising play"

NY Times, "Verizon Bets on Video Ads in $4 Billion Deal for AOL"

Public Media Platform, "TPT Signs on to Pilot WordPress PMP Plugin – Who’s Next?"

Re/Code, "AOL Has Been in Talks to Spin Off HuffPost as Part of Verizon Acquisition Deal"

SocialTimes, "Reddit to Create Original Video Content — Starting With AMAs"

WSJ, "Google Expands Lead as World’s Largest Media Owner"

WSJ, "Verizon-AOL: A War of All Against All"

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