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The NEW Tempest Download

Last week, publishers received the new and improved Tempest newsletter.  This will go out via email and on Say News every two weeks and will outline the products, findings, features and events all to do with Tempest. Events? Soon we will launch a series of webinars around the systems and people that support Tempest.  After that we’ll add how-to videos to enhance the experience. We hope all of this will make your lives easier, and your experience even better.


  • Cover Lines
  • Navigation Bar
  • Smart Cropping and Mobile Optimized Hubs
  • Above-the-Fold Advertising Placements


Improved Site Programming: The site programming interface has been updated to make programming content and cover lines simpler and more intuitive. In the new programming tool, programmed items will appear consistently regardless of whether they’re articles, recipes, rich terms, or external links. All items display with a default image, label and title, any of which can be overridden by the editor. In addition, editors can now create coverlines themselves just by programming any item into one of the coverline positions — no more having to request custom art every time! You can still create custom artwork for specific cover lines if you choose by uploading a custom image.

Cover Lines Image

To help improve site navigation, we're adding a persistent "sticky" navigation bar to the top of the page. You’ll no longer need to scroll all the way back up to access other sections or the menu and you'll always have quick access to the menu, core sections and site search.

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We're excited to announce two significant updates to the hub page design.

First, the hub now provides consistent cropping of promo images regardless of device. Previously, the promo image used on the cards was cropped differently based on what device the user was on, making it hard for editors to choose and optimize their promo images. Going forward, the same image crop will be used on all devices, so editors can pick a promo image and card type and know their images will always look great.

Smart Cropping Image

Second, we're optimizing the mobile layout of hubs to show more cards per screen. This makes it easier to skim a series of articles, helping drive readers into more content. With mobile making up more than 50% of Tempest traffic, we're continually looking at ways to optimize mobile layouts to encourage greater content consumption.

Optimizing Hub Layout

For more details, check out this blog post about the new hub layout.


Advertising viewability is a very hot topic these days, with advertisers pushing to minimize spending on advertising that never has a chance of being seen by a user (understandably!). Minimum viewability thresholds are becoming commonplace for advertisers and agencies, and site designs need to evolve accordingly. Tempest is evolving as well, in a way that continues to respect the reader’s experience while improving monetization opportunities for our customer.

Next week we are launching a new high viewability, above-the-fold ad placement. This placement will be served at the top of every page and will support a variety of ad sizes, including our high-impact, premium Adaptive format on all devices, as well as IAB Billboard (coming soon) or Leaderboard (728x90) on desktop and Medium Rectangle (300x250) on mobile. The ad container automatically expands to the appropriate height for the ad unit that is returned by the ad server to make sure the ad fits seamlessly into the page. A few screenshots of the new ad placement are below, or you can reference the Tempest monetization documentation that was provided when you first migrated to Tempest to see wireframes of how this unit fits into the Tempest experience.

Above-the-fold advertising placements

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