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Top Media Stories of 2014

Your favorite stories on Say Daily this year.

At Say Media, we get to meet a lot of extremely talented independent content creators – and we see all the latest digital technology. From the new media stars of Instagram to the marketing wisdom of John Ogilvy and John Oliver, here were your favorite stories on Say Daily in 2014:

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Top 5 Trends in Digital Media for 2015

Predicting the future is never easy, but it’s always interesting – regardless of whether you’re envisioning a chilling dystopia or a brave new world. 2015 is going to be a bit of both in Digital Media, the convergence of a brand’s website, social media, mobile marketing, games and apps. Smart publishers and marketers will anticipate industry changes and take advantage of new opportunities – before they become the standard. Here are 5 trends you’ll see in Digital Media in 2015…

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The Sharing Economy Is Here to Stay - and It Changes Everything

I recently took a trip to Montana, and noticed something I haven’t seen in many years: hitchhikers. How could they, I thought, risk getting into a car with a complete stranger? And why would any driver take such a gamble? But then I realized that my friends and I do almost the same thing on a near daily basis when we’re in the city—we use Uber, the on-demand and independent taxi service app. Uber is now in 42 countries—a massive expansion since its founding four years ago in San Francisco. Experts, and millennials, say that it’s changed the cab industry forever. What we call the “sharing economy” has made it okay for people to essentially hitchhike for a small, auto-charged fee.


Don’t Waste Your Time with Native Advertising (Do This Instead)

It's a brilliant piece of native advertising. Visually appealing and information rich, this sponsored content walks you through numerous variations of oysters, where they hail from, and interesting facts about each. The New Orleans, we learn, was the preferred oyster of Jean Lafitte, and is the key to Oysters Rockefeller. The sweet and succulent Tangier oyster captivated Captain John Smith when introduced by Pocahontas, and the rest is history.


Brands Millennials Love

Lena Dunham is one. So are Justin Bieber, Mark Zuckerberg, Taylor Swift, Prince William, LeBron James, Lionel Messi and the Olsen twins. Yep, they're all Millennials, people born between 1980 and 2000, and they’re the biggest demographic block since the Baby Boomers.


Digital to Print: 10 Examples of Editors That Did it Well

In 2002, Julie Powell started a blog chronicling her attempt to cook all 524 recipes in Julia Child's "Mastering the Art of French Cooking." Her blog gained a popular following and in 2005, Julie and Julia: 365 Days, 524 Recipes, 1 Tiny Apartment Kitchen was published. A few years after that, the adaption, directed by Nora Ephron was released in theaters.

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Tinder-Style Apps Are Swiping Their Way Into Our Media Diets

It turns out that the best part about Tinder, the locations-based dating app, isn’t about how effectively it leads to people hooking up based on photos from users’ real Facebook accounts, but rather the interface it uses to do it. The swipe-left/swipe-right for yes/no input has taken the app development world by storm, and perhaps too fast for Tinder to protect its intellectual property in the matter, as other app developers are saying, “Oh yeah, we were working on it at the same time as they were.”

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Why John Oliver's Digital Strategy Is Winning the Internet

Chances are, you’ve seen a clip of Last Week Tonight pop up in your Facebook news feed. HBO’s new weekly late-nighter, hosted by British comedian andDaily Show alum John Oliver already has an average audience of four million, equal to HBO’s other weekly talk show Real Time With Bill Maher and fast gaining ground on primetime darling Girls. The volume of easy inbound traffic and social referrals generated by Oliver’s YouTube clips has been a gold mine for click-starved Web publishers.


10 Brands Jumping on the Instagram Hyperlapse Craze

Facebook’s Instagram has a hit on its hands, and that hit is Hyperlapse, a video-making app that makes cinema-style tracking shots and professional-looking time lapse videos. Just a month ago, these techniques required expensive equipment and professional training to pull off. Now, thanks to Instagram Hyperlapse, anyone with a smartphone is now a potential movie maker able to shoot fast-moving shots moving through a crowd of people, recording fast-moving clouds or a flower opening up, or a parody of the intro to those Benny Hill episodes, if anyone still remembers those.

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9 Instagram Influencers Being Courted by Big Brands

Last November, Instagram rolled out in-feed ads to its U.S. users. But despite the fact that advertisers can pay to have their pics show up in feeds, many are choosing a different route: Paying Instagram influencers to post phots featuring their products instead. While some influencers are household names, a lot of these aren’t people the average person will recognize. But that doesn’t mean they aren’t stars to those who love and follow them.


5 Brands That Let You Shop On Instagram

We love to follow our favorite brands on Instagram, but have always lamented the fact that Instagram’s platform doesn’t make it very easy for us to learn more about featured products. Unlike emails, store apps, and web pages, we can’t just click to find out how much a handbag costs, much less actually make a purchase.

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