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Guided Tour:The New Tempest Composer and Workflow

Editing, publishing and managing stories just got a whole lot easier.
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A lot of work is involved before an author's words grace the front page of a digital publication - and our job at Say Media is to make sure that process goes as smoothly as possible. On the Tempest CMS side, this involves providing not only a reliable Composer, but also an intuitive workflow for the editors and authors alike.

Our newest update to Tempest goes a long way towards optimizing the workflow in Tempest Composer by improving the usability of the Manage Articles pages.

Colors make everything better.

Colors make everything better.

The improved pages sport a more readable design, allowing users to get more information about their content from a glance. Some of the newer parts include:

  • Eye icon: Preview the latest version as it would appear on site
  • "i" icon: Click this to update and show the metadata and options for this content (more on this in a second!)
  • Picture thumbnail: The picture currently selected as the Promo Image
  • Lock icon: Whether or not someone is currently working on this content
  • Circle icons: Authoring and publishing statuses of the content, differentiated by color (also shows the status upon hover)

Altogether, these additions to the Manage Articles section make it easier to find and take action on content in the queue. But wait, there's more!

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Clicking on the new "i" button reveals an expansion with an array of useful metadata and actions, the most exciting of which is the ability to publish. Editors can now publish, schedule, update, and un-publish a series of content all at once, instead of needing to navigate to each individual page. 

To make sure that editors are publishing the correct/latest versions of the selected content, every piece of information in the row will update when the expansion is opened. This includes the title, author, slug, promo image, and even the preview.

The dropdown menu used for publishing here has the same behavior as the one currently used in the Edit Content pages, making the new Manage Articles pages familiar to use.

Also visible here is our new search bar with lots of new filters.

Also visible here is our new search bar with lots of new filters.

These are steady improvements to the publishing and content management process - and many more are on the way.

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