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Tempest Boosts xoVain Traffic 162%

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There’s a great piece by Michelle Castillo in the most recent Adweek that covers Tempest, the award-winning publishing platform from Say Media that powers ReadWrite, LifetimeMoms,,, xoVain and Say Daily among other digital magazines. As the article points out, Tempest has been fueling growth for the publications that use it too – xoVain traffic is up 162% in the last 12 months since it began running on Tempest. LifetimeMoms has grown from 45,000 unique visitors to over 800,000 since it migrated, while Bio has boomed from 8 million to 12 million.

“The challenge of having a digital publication now is how do you have a beautiful experience on desktop and mobile and derive ad revenue?” says David Lerman, CTO of Say Media. With Tempest, publishers can quickly and easily create content that displays beautifully on any device – and works with rich ad experiences like Adaptive Ads.

The piece also highlights some of the other traffic gains across Say Media properties as well as the recent move of xoJane to Tempest

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Check out the full article here.

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