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Media Companies Need to Be Technology Companies

Say Media CEO Matt Sanchez talks platforms, programmatic and how publishers can make money on mobile.

“Media businesses will win because of their content platform strategies,” predicts Say Media CEO Matt Sanchez in a recent interview with AdExchanger, a publication devoted to digital media optimization. “The platform also offers rich data and attention metrics. Bringing everything together into one stack gives you better control and insight” he goes on to say.

In the candid and far-reaching interview, Matt talks about how Say Media’s Tempest publishing platform is different than the one used by Vox and Medium - bringing content, commerce and advertising together, where programmatic fits in with premium editorial experiences, and how publishers can monetize mobile media sessions (hint: you need a great content platform to make it happen).

It’s a good read by AdExchanger’s Sarah Sluis – check it out here.

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