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Tinder-Style Apps Are Swiping Their Way Into Our Media Diets

Turns out Tinder's greatest success is bringing a card-based swiping interface to media.

It turns out that the best part about Tinder, the locations-based dating app, isn’t about how effectively it leads to people hooking up based on photos from users’ real Facebook accounts, but rather the interface it uses to do it.

The swipe-left/swipe-right for yes/no input has taken the app development world by storm, and perhaps too fast for Tinder to protect its intellectual property in the matter, as other app developers are saying, “Oh yeah, we were working on it at the same time as they were.”

Today, Tinder gets 800 million swipes per day and claims to have matched 1 billion users with each other. But maybe its greatest success is bringing a card-based swiping interface to the next generation of apps.

If you haven’t heard it a bunch already, be prepared to hear a lot of apps referred to as “the Tinder of this” or “the Tinder of that.” So to help you out, here’s a list of the next Tinders of things.

“It’s the Tinder of…”


Music Next is a music discovery app (currently for iPhone users only) based on the swipe for yes/no interface, developed by two former Tinder creators. It could be the next generation of MySpace or BandCamp or other web-based music sharing systems designed for musicians to rate and like other musicians’ work.


Jobs and networking — If you have wished that someone would combine Tinder with LinkedIn, then your wish has been granted with Jobr. Or, if you’re just looking for networking or platonic hanging out with others nearby that share similar social interests, then maybe download Coffee, Weave or Networkr.


Search — If you’re looking for the Tinder of Google, then Jelly is for you. Founded by Twitter alum Biz Stone, the idea is that people want to help each other, so Jelly leverages that collective empathy to answer other people’s question (or swipe it away).

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Eating  — The Weotta app takes the swipe platform out for dinner, displaying nearby restaurants for you to swipe yes or no. Like if Chowhound hooked up with Foursquare on Tinder.

Screen Shot 2014-09-24 at 8.26.12 AM.png

Storytelling — The Steller app just went through a relaunch an added lots of new social networking features, but the basic concept is to give users greater creative control of the content generated from their smartphones to allow pictures and videos to become elements of a story.


DogsBark Buddy is Tinder for dogs. Do you want to see all the available dogs up for adoption in your area? Yes, you do. Yes, you do. Who’s a good boy?

Daily by Buffer.jpg

NewsDaily is Tinder for news, brought to you by the makers of Buffer, which distributes your social media content over optimal scheduling moments during the course of the day. With Daily, you can swipe news content left or right, yes or no, to let the app know how to best serve you content that you want to see.


Shopping — This obviously makes perfect sense. Tinder for shopping? Of course. Kwoller is a swiping app that also keeps track of pricing of products in real time. Or Blynk, a fashion swipe app that learns what you like by your swiping, and then suggests custom outfits. Tinder for shoes? There’s a pair of them: Stylect and SoSho.


Hook-Ups — Tinder is great, but maybe you don’t want prospective dates to see your Facebook pictures. Maybe you just want your most revealing pics so you can get down to business with that special someone that you just met via a locations-based app by swiping a certain way… Then you need Mixxxer. Nobody is judging you, but dang. 

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