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Vote for ReadWrite at SXSW Panelpicker 2015: We Are All Inventors Now

Help us get ReadWrite editor-in-chief Owen Thomas, Quirky's CEO Ben Kaufman and a showcase of great inventors and their creations onstage at SXSW 2015.

SXSW Interactive PanelPicker voting is now open for SXSW 2015 and Say Media has an unforgettable panel up for consideration: ReadWrite editor-in-chief Owen Thomas in conversation with Quirky's CEO Ben Kaufman and a showcase of some of the coolest inventions and inventors that are brought to life by Quirky's help.


If you're a fan of ReadWriteMix events, you won't want to miss this!

While the actual event won't be upon us for many months, we need your vote now (by Sept 5!) to ensure there are great panels at the event.

A few ways you can help:

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- Vote for the panel! (click here and sign up)

- Share it with friends and family (hello Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Google+)

- Provide comments in PanelPicker about Owen and Ben (say smart things!)

We Are All Inventors Now: Q&A with Quirky CEO Ben Kaufman

Ben Kaufman was on the subway in New York City in 2005 when he saw a stranger wearing some headphones he had designed at Mophie, the iPod accessories company he founded the day he graduated from high school. "I saw something I had invented out in the world, and it was the best feeling," said Ben. Four years later, he launched Quirky, an online community that votes on invention ideas. Winning ideas are financed by Quirky which helps with manufacturing and distribution. Kaufman has also developed a platform to allow Quirky inventors to use patents from big corporations - and use them without getting sued. And the 28-year-old CEO is just getting started.

In this session, Owen Thomas, the editor-in-chief of ReadWrite, interviews Ben Kaufman, CEO of Quirky in a live session that will showcase the coolest inventions and inventors that are being built with Quirky's help - as well as talk about some of the things Quirky is doing to democratize innovation.

Vote here!

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