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Subscription Commerce: 13 Boxes We’d Love to Give and Get

Boxes curated by editors that you'll love to find on your doorstep.

Ecommerce and content are a great combination and now subscription-based commerce services are all the rage these days. People are more eager to discover and try new things than ever before. But they’re also busier than ever before, which is why companies with editors who will curate and deliver picks foods and products are finding a ton of success. Of course, not all of these services triumph, so we took a look at the ones who are doing a great job of giving their customers exactly what they want and whose boxes we would love to find on our doorstep after a long day of work.


For the Beauty-Obsessed 


Ipsy is perfect for any girl who loves discovering new beauty and grooming products. Deluxe samples and full-sized products from high-end brands make this subscription a favorite for travelers. The products are personalized based on a beauty quiz customers take when they join and come in a “collectible” makeup bag. All for $10 a month.

birchbox man.jpg

For the Guy Who’s Into Grooming

Birchbox Man

Once in a while you’ll open a man’s medicine cabinet and see products you actually want to try. That man is the type of guy who would appreciate Birchbox Man, a monthly subscription of 3-4 samples of grooming and lifestyle products. At $20, it’s pricier than Birchbox’s women’s box, but each box includes a full size product and the categories are more expensive. Fun fact: Birchbox just opened its very first brick and mortar store in SoHo where beauty products are organized by category instead of brand. Birchbox for Men products are available though, although the company admits they expect most of those will be purchased by women as gifts.


For the Dog Lover (And the Dog)


Barkbox is the perfect gift for a friend who just brought a new dog into her home. Each monthly box comes with four or more high-quality doggie products -- toys, bones, treats -- all based on the dog’s size. The products are usually things you won’t find in a typical pet store. And 10% of the proceeds go to dogs in need!


For Him (As Long as He Doesn’t Have a Crazy Beard)

Dollar Shave Club

They won us over with their hilarious advertising, but Dollar Shave Club has proven they’re more than just clever marketing. Members select a razor, pay a monthly fee, and get blades sent to their door every month. Simple, straightforward, and sensible.


For the Healthy Foodie

Love with Food

For as low as $10 a month, members receive a box of 8 or more unique organic or all-natural snacks that vary based on fun, seasonal themes. The best part? For every box sold, they donate a meal to a food bank in America.

kiwi crate.jpg

For the Creative Kid

Kiwi Crate

There was nothing better when we were kids than getting mail. Kiwi Crate gives kids a reason to wait for the mailman again and helps busy parents who want to entertain their children with fun crafts but don’t necessarily have the time (or energy) to go get all of the materials. Each “crate” includes all of the materials and inspiration needed for 2-3 activities with a different theme (gardening, dinosaurs, space, etc.) each month. (And there’s a “no-fight” sibling add on. These people are geniuses.)


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For the Beer Lover

Craft Beer Club

Now that the kids are entertained, it’s time for the grownups to enjoy some quality time. What better way to do that than with a world-class craft beer? Each monthly shipment contains 12 beers (3 each of 4 different styles) and a newsletter that tells you the story behind the beer, what’s in it, and where it originated.

Tasting Room.jpg

For the Wine Connoisseur

Tasting Room by Lot 18

Wine aficionados will love getting quarterly shipments personalized to their taste. It starts with a Wine Tasting Kit where members taste and rate wines to create their profile. Members then get wine sent to them based on what they like rather than what the wine club feels like sending.


For the Reader

Letters in the Mail

Sick of bills and catalogs? For just $6 a month, you can guarantee you’ll get at least two letters in the mail. The first three months included letters from people like Stephen Elliott, Margarget Cho, Matthey Specktor, Rick Moody, and Aimee Bender. Some are typed, others handwritten, and once in a while they include an illustration. Kids can get in on the fun with Letters for Kids, which includes letters from young adult authors like Lemony Snicket.


For the (Lazy) DIYer

For the Makers

For the Makers finds the prettiest, highest quality materials from all over the world for cool DIY projects like jewelry, votives, lip balm, home décor, and more. Each monthly box comes with materials for four DIY projects as well as tutorials, tips, and techniques from expert designers. Just don’t mess up because there’s only enough for one attempt.


For the Gamer

Loot Crate

Get “fun and unexepected gamer gear” every month from brands like DC Collectibles, Marvel, Star Wars, Nintendo, and the shot at winning the monthly “mega crate” valued at over $750 and full of exclusive collectibles (like a Zelda figurine or Titanfall Collector’s Set. Memers call it “epic, “carnal Christmas,” and “awesome.”


For the Coffee Addict


Not everyone lives near a Blue Bottle or a Fourbarrel. Some people have to acutally make their coffee at home. Those people will love CraftCoffee, curated craft coffee from three different roasters each month (that’s enough for 42). Each box also has custom tasting notes to “guide you on each journey” and professional advice on the best brew method for each coffee. Coffee: no longer about just getting you through the day.


For the Girl Who Can’t Make Up Her Mind

PopSugar’s Must Have Box

We’ve only heard great things from everyone who’s signed up for PopSugar’s Must Have Box, a package of full-sized fashion, beauty, home decor, fitness, or food products that are hand-selected by the PopSugar editors and worth over $100. It’s like getting a birthday present from a friend, except every single month.

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