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Modern CMS Design in Action

Come see Say Media’s Smith Schwartz at Sass Conf in New York.
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At Say Media our developers put an awesome amount of work into our award-winning publishing tools called Tempest. Tempest is designed to create rich editorial experiences that bring content front and center. Unlike a general purpose CMS, Tempest is built from the ground up to support the specific needs of the modern digital magazine.

Put another way: our engineers work passionately to create amazing tools for publishers – so they can do what they do best: Create amazing content experiences.

If you’re a developer, designer or Web enthusiast and will be in New York next week, come see one of our talented interaction designers, Smith Schwartz, talk about Tempest at a free SassConf meetup that’s open to everyone:

A Conversation with with Smith Schwartz of Say Media and Patrick Hamann of The Guardian

Monday, Sept 29, 7:00 PM to 9:00 PM

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XO Group, 195 Broadway, 25 Floor (map), New York

She’ll also be on stage at Sass Conf a few days later giving a talk to conference attendees called:

Building An Artful Web 

Thursday Oct 2, 10:00 – 10:50 AM 

Sass Conf, 557 Broadway (map), New York


Smith Schwartz (@smithschwartz) is a former museum experience designer and digital nomad. She currently lives in San Francisco and is an Interaction Designer at Say Media, building the future of web-based publishing. Smith is in charge all the Sass, changing themes on multiple digital properties with one configuration partial. And she's doing it all with LibSass.     

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