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Gear Patrol Gets Down to Business with Capital New York

Eric Yang and Ben Bowers, Gear Patrol

Eric Yang and Ben Bowers, Gear Patrol

Passion, adventure, design, gadgets … those are just a few of the things you'll find on , a men's lifestyle site that covers everything the upwardly mobile guy will ever want. Founded and edited by Eric Yang and Ben Bowers, Gear Patrol is a leading men's site on the Web and a great place to get your fix on everything from the best new watches and cars, to the coolest sports adventures, and the latest food and style finds.

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Recently, the Gear Patrol guys took a break from their usual routine of testing gear to talk to Capital New York for a 60 Second Interview. Some highlights:

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Say Media has really been an invaluable partner for us over the last few years. There’s no shortage of companies today vying to fill ad inventory. What we liked about Say from the beginning was their commitment to helping us grow Gear Patrol as a brand in the men’s lifestyle space, both in the eyes of readers and advertisers. They’ve always seen native advertising as a critical tool for getting through to our affluent, discerning audience. They also get that great sponsored content begins and ends with strong editorial ideas. The partnership has allowed us to collaborate with tons of great brands over the years on some of our biggest editorial and advertorial projects.

And on how Gear Patrol works with advertisers and brands:

Our involvement in the native advertising process—from ideation all the way through execution—is our real point of distinction compared to other properties, in our eyes. We’ve always taken the attitude that no one is more capable of reaching our audience than we are, so it’s our responsibility to guide brands on the best way to share their story with GP readers. The result is something that’s better for the audience and for advertisers, because no one ever benefits from being treated like they’re irrelevant.

You can check out the full interview here.

Gear Patrol is a Say Media content partner.

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