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Tabasco Partners with Eat Like a Girl to Spice Up Brunch

A unique series of brunch recipes and a custom content campaign in the UK.
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If you like your food spicy you’ll love what the UK food site Eat Like a Girl has cooked up with Tabasco – a series of brunch recipes and a custom content campaign in the UK encouraging London commuters to use the famous pepper sauce as a key recipe ingredient for weekend morning meals. Niamh Shields, one of the most influential foodies in the UK and the mastermind behind Eat Like a Girl will be publishing recipe ideas on her site like this one for Louisiana Crab Cakes and Poached Eggs – with some Tabasco sauce for extra zing, of course. Eat Like A Girl will be delivering a regular brunch club that offers recipes and consumers will also be able to click through to a dedicated Tabasco ‘Brunch’ Tumblr feed for more recipes. The photos on Eat Like a Girl for the recipes and preparation are gorgeous too.


As Claire Fullick, brand manager of Tabasco, AB World Foods put it: “This campaign allows us to speak with our audience in the right places at the right times and encourages them to re-ignite their passion for Tabasco.”

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The campaign was developed by Maxus UK in partnership with Say Media and Eat Like a Girl. You can read more about the entire campaign here.

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Eat Like a Girl is a Say Media UK content partner.

[All photos via Eat Like a Girl]

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