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Dr. Martens and Say Media Engage Teens Who #STANDFORSOMETHING



What do today’s teenage girls want? In a word: authenticity. If a brand offers true social engagement in a place they value through voices they trust, that’s something that today’s young consumer won’t soon forget.

To reach today’s young teenage girls in an authentic and engaging way, the iconic footwear brand Dr. Martens has teamed with Say Media to reach teenage girls with a multi-layered ad campaign on the leading digital magazine Rookie. The campaign is a follow-up to last year's content partnership, which included a post created by Rookie editors that was sponsored by Dr. Martens. The post was part of Dr. Martens larger social campaign, #STANDFORSOMETHING, which asked fans to share what matters to them with the brand and their friends and was a huge success in 2013. Overall last year’s campaign delivered 8.9 million impressions, more than 600,000 video views and 5,427 minutes spent with the campaign and delivered 100%+ of promised engagements.

Screen Shot 2014-08-29 at 3.36.48 PM.png

In last year’s post, the Rookie editors profiled six activist teen girls from New York who are changing the world. This year they are following up with a post that explores where these courageous, inspiring and badass young teens are now. As with last year, the post will also include a photo shoot showcasing Dr. Martens new Autumn/Winter line.

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As part of the campaign, Say Media’s creative studio also created a mobile ad unit which will be running on Rookie and across other sites in the Say network. The post will contain the Dr. Martens logo and sponsorship copy plus a fixed 300x600 ad adjacent to the article which was also developed by the Say Media creative studio. The content will be featured in these online display engagement units to drive additional qualified readers to the sponsored post.

Dr. Martens campaign mobile creative

Dr. Martens campaign mobile creative

The post will also be amplified by the authors’ social media channels and by syndication across Say Media sites that also attract similar audiences. This campaign is part of Say Media's new Accountable Content model, which allows marketers to only pay for guaranteed views of sponsored content - content that has been created in partnership between a brand advertiser and Say Media’s portfolio to ensure that the brand message is an integral but natural part of consumer experience. The result is entertaining, valuable, sharable content - a perfect fit for Rookie readers and Dr. Martens. 

You can read more about the campaign on Adweek here.

The new Dr. Martens campaign runs through Dec 31, 2014.You can also read the latest #STANDFORSOMETHING post on Rookie in mid-September and check out the new Dr. Martens mobile creative here.

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