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9 Fast-Rising Beauty Vloggers

Welcome to the hypnotic, mesmerizing future of beauty media.
Zoe Sugg (aka Zoella)

Zoe Sugg (aka Zoella)

The biggest audience on YouTube is teenage girls, so it makes sense that beauty vlogging is the fastest growing category on the site. With over 41 percent of women watching online videos for makeup tips and tricks, these homegrown experts are becoming social media celebrities in their own right, even getting a category in the Teen Choice Awards this month.

Brands are eager to get their products into the hands of these popular vloggers because one positive product mention can turn into thousands of dollars in sales and is a lot less work than taking out a print ad in a high-end magazine. Of course, these vloggers are also known and respected for their honesty, so if they don’t like it, they’re not going to talk about it. Or worse: they are. Still, it’s a risk worth taking for a lot of brands.

Why are these vloggers so successful? First of all, they know they’re stuff and they’re able to share it with us in a way that’s simple and easy-to-understand. But mostly, they’re super accessible, shooting their videos in their bedrooms and chatting with viewers in a way a best friend might.

Haven’t heard of one of the vloggers on this list? Chances are all of the teenage girls you know have not only heard of them, but have watched their videos. Ask them which ones we should have included and let us know in the comments.

Zoe Sugg

Subscribers: Over 4 million

Zoe Sugg (“Zoella”) is an English fashion and beauty vlogger who’s known for her photogenic face, perky personality, and quirky sense of humor. She started vlogging in 2009 out of “complete boredom” and now has two million followers on Twitter and 2.5 millon on Instagram. Oh, and her YouTube videos have been viewed more than 230 million times. Zoe has been incredibly honest with her followers about her struggles with anxiety and panic attacks, as well as the fact that she is painfully shy, which makes the fact that she’s found such staggering success sharing herself online that much more impressive. The people agree as she just took home a Teen Choice Award for “Choice Web Star: Fashion/Beauty.”

Michelle Phan

Subscribers: Nearly 6.8 million

If Michelle Phan’s name sounds familiar it’s probably because earlier this year she was the star of a Diet Dr. Pepper “One of a Kind” commercial. Or it’s because she recently popped up in the news because she is being sued for alleged copyright infringement in her videos (using songs without permission). Phan is considered a pioneer in the beauty vlogging world and is known for her total transformations (Lady Gaga, Barbie, and Snow White are amongst her most popular). Mostly though, her videos are simple and clean, and make even the most beauty challenged feel like she could recreate the look.

Elle Fowler

Subscribers: Almost 1.3 million

Elle is like the cool big sister you always wished you had. She has great style, flawless makeup, and is totally willing to share all of her tips and tricks with you. Her most popular videos are about everything from her makeup collection and storage to how she permanently got rid of her acne, but even a video of just her morning routine has over 1.5 million views. Elle’s younger sister Blair followed in her footsteps and now has more subscribers than her big sis (1,715,000) possibly because she’s more open about her personal life.

Rachel “Bunny” Meyer

Subscribers: Almost 3.5 million

Bunny started her YouTube career posting videos about ghost hunting. But the transition to beauty vlogging has been good to her. Recent reports claim she makes almost $500K a year from her videos. Bunny is definitely down-to-earth, but also totally out there. She’s awkward and a little messy, which makes her more relatable than your typical beauty vlogger. Plus, she’s loud, hilarious, and has a very animated face. She’s best known for her “Does This Things Really Work?” series in which she tries out “As Seen on TV” products to find out if they do what they promise they’ll do.

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Bethany Mota

Subscribers: Nearly 7 million

Beth, as she tells her followers to call her, is a teenage girl from California, and yes, that means exactly what you think it means. She just won the Teen Choice Award for Choice Web Star (Female) and her YouTube channel makes about $40K a month. Mota’s so revered for her sense of style that Aeropostale approached her to create a line. A tour of her room has been viewed almost 8.5 million times, but it’s Mota’s haul videos that viewers come back for again and again. Interesting side note: Mota was home schooled as a child. She went to public school for junior high was relentlessly cyber bullied, so decided to go back to home schooling. That’s when, out of boredom and needing an outlet, she decided to start vlogging. Still, her “back to school” posts are amongst her most popular.

Ingrid Nilsen

Subscribers: 2.85 million

“Missglamorazzi” has been posting fashion and beauty videos since 2009. Her “GIY” videos (Glam It Yourself) teach viewers how to make everything from hair masks to embellished tights. Ingrid has a lot of energy and confidence, which are obviously key to her success. She’s also a perfectionist. She claims her videos take anywhere from two to 10 hours to produce from start to finish. Of course, she makes over five figures a month from her videos, so it’s a job worth doing well. She’s also about to make the move from computer screen to TV screen as she was just hired to be a judge on a “Project Runway” spinoff show “Threads.”

Lauren Curtis

Subscribers: Just over 2 million

Lauren Curtis’ videos cover everything from makeup and hair tutorials to product reviews to the always-popular hauls. She really excels at “occasion” tutorials though. Whether you’re headed to prom, need to make a great first impression, are going clubbing, or have a hot date, Curtis gives great, easy-to-follow tutorials for a flawless head-to-neck look.

Fleur de Force

Subscribers: Over 1.1 million

There seems to be a lot of English beauty vloggers; perhaps it’s because their accents are so delightful. Fleur is a London-based vlogger who is fresh-faced and bright-eyed. Her videos are articulate and easy-to-follow with helpful product close-ups and very honest reviews. The latter, in fact, is one of the best things about Fleur. She’s not scared to say exactly what she thinks in a totally down-to-earth fashion, which makes her “Best & Worst” series extremely popular.

Dulce Candy

Subscribers: 1.7 million

Dulce Candy Tejada (yes, that’s her real name) talks like you’d expect a girl who grew up in Southern California to talk and also has a sweet, friendly, energetic personality to go with her California vibe. Dulce joined the military after high school, spent 15 months in Iraq, and was working as a mechanic when she got back to the U.S. She started vlogging because she wanted something “feminine” in her life. At 27, she is one of the oldest Vloggers on this list, but she’s still wildly popular.

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