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9 Luxury Brands with Beautiful Tumblrs

Luxury brands thrive on perception and aspiration. They’re all about creating a lifestyle that people fantasize about and covet, but that is only accessible to a select few who can afford the high price of status. That's why Tumblr is a great platform for high-end brands. It gives them the opportunity to showcase carefully stylized images and videos that perfectly represent the brand identity, giving anyone the chance to experience just a taste of the good life, if only for a moment while the baby sleeps, the boss is at lunch, or we wait for the commercial break to end. 

We love the Tumblrs of these 9 luxury brands because the images are gorgeous, the content is intriguing, and because they remind us to dream just a little bigger.

Lexus 1.jpeg

1. Lexus

If you accidentally stumbled onto Lexus’ Tumblr, you would never guess it was for a car company. Dramatic images and video stand out on the black background, all with a very high-end fashion angle. “The Signal’s” message is clear though; it’s all about making “a statement without saying a word,” which is exactly how you’re supposed to feel about driving a Lexus.

CK 1.jpeg

2. Calvin Klein

Calvin Klein’s Tumblr oozes sex and style. Photos of underwear-clad models sit next to gorgeous landscapes. The combination will definitely make anyone long for an escape, which, for us “regular” people can be bought in Calvin Klein’s bottled form.

Burberry 1.jpeg

3. Burberry

Burberry is most famous for its iconic trench coat and we love that their Tumblr pays homage to just that. It’s a lot to hang one’s hat, sorry: coat, on, but “Art of the Trench,” a “living document of the trench coat and the people who wear it,” succeeds because of, not despite, its simplicity. Beautiful photographs showcase a myriad of different people who all have one thing in common: a love of the classic trench. Anyone can submit a photo, but it’s clear that the Tumblr is carefully curated, so make sure yours is stunning and stylish.

The Standard 2.jpeg

4. Standard Hotels

Luxury isn’t always glamorous in the traditional sense. Standard Hotels’ Tumblr is definitely catered to the cool kids with edgy photos and a focus on art, music, and culture. They also don’t take themselves too seriously, which is perfectly inline with the brand.

LAnd Rover 2.jpeg

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5. Land Rover

Land Rover’s Tumblr is all about “the journey.” By focusing on that angle, they manage to take an SUV built for off-roading and turn it into something that’s, dare we say: romantic? Visitors can filter the experience through “Cityscapes,” “Architecture,” “Heritage,” “Culture,” “Landscape,” and “Off-Road.” We enjoyed exploring them all and are itching to go on a road trip right about now.

Van Cleef 1.jpeg

6. Van Cleef & Arpels

One of our favorites in the bunch, this Ateliers Creations Tumblr page feels like poetry, or like turning the pages of a beautifully illustrated storybook. Viewers are welcomed into the workshop where they can see drawings of the jewelry when it’s first conceptualized, close-ups of the craftsmanship, and stunning stones straight out of a fairytale.

Chopard 1.jpeg

7. Chopard

This Swiss-based luxury watch, jewelery, and accessories company has been around since 1860, so it’s fun to see what they’re doing with Tumblr in 2014. The brand starting aligning itself with classic cars and classic car races in the 1980s and has a watch collection that aligns with that strategy. Their Tumblr is all about classic cars that are gorgeous, colorful, stylish, and covetable. And if you can’t have the car, why not get the watch?

Cadillac 1.jpeg

8. Cadillac

Cadillac is a classic American automobile brand, so what better venue to showcase those retro styles we all love than Tumblr? It’s not just car porn though; there are also pictures from Cadillac-sponsored events (celebrities included), behind-the-scenes shots of Cadillacs starring in films (like the new “Entourage” movie), infographics (we love the one about the evolution of the iconic Cadillac crest), and, of course, marketing materials for their newest cars on the road.

Cartier 1.jpeg

9. Cartier

Cartier only joined Tumblr a few months ago, but so far their effort makes them one to watch. Currently, the Tumblr is focused almost exclusively on their Amulette de Cartier collection and shows the pendant necklace in all of its forms. The photographs are, of course, beautifully styled and somehow even the series shot in a urban alleyway make us wish that could be our life.

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