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What Does Native Advertising Mean to You?

Help us define native advertising - and win fun prizes.
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We've written about the myths about native ads, the best platforms for native ads, what brands are doing native well, and we've asked industry watchers to tell us what they think of native ads. We've also talked about the role of storytelling in native ads - and we know what ads look like when they're really digitally native. And most recently we've talked about the 2 key ingredients of native ads done right.

But native means different things to different people. So we want to know: What does native advertising mean to you?

Is it sponsored posts, branded content, in-content ad formats - or all of the above?

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Help us to define and understand native once and for all and you'll have a chance to win:

1 winner will get an iPad 

 2 winners will get a pair of styling RayBans 

10 winners will take home iTunes gift cards

Tell us how you define native ads here!

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