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Say Media’s Matt Oehlsen a Finalist for MIN Salesperson of the Year


MIN, the publication for magazine brand leaders, is celebrating the Sales Executive of the Year Awards on June 11 to salute the salespeople who have shown outstanding media sales performance – and we’re so proud that Say Media’s own Matt Oehlsen is a contender for Salesperson of the Year for Digital Advertising. The competition was fierce this year and just to make the list is a major accomplishment!

For Matt's nomination, Doug Grinspan, VP of Sales US for Say Media writes:

"Matt has singlehandedly converted clients-who-dabble into clients-who-demand-to-work-with-him. His real, no bullshit approach to sales, strategy and tactical application in market is unheralded for such an early-career professional. Easily one of the most admired sales individuals that I've had the luxury of calling colleague, Matt dispenses knowledge of the industry, our company and the competitive landscape with efficient eloquence, charm and confidence, and the ebullience of a elementary student. ... He's one to watch. He makes it happen. He's the real deal." 

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Not surprisingly, Matt also just accepted another award on Say Media’s behalf for a campaign he worked on involving Canon and Mediacom.

Way to go Matt! You can catch the full list of nominees on MIN here.    

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