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New Healthcare Design Event RxUX Hosted by Owen Thomas of ReadWrite

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Health and medical experiences are becoming as useful and delightful as the latest consumer software, and will empower us in ways we are only beginning to understand. From the gym to the examination room, human-centered design is transforming our health and wellness experience. A new event in San Francisco, RxUX will bring together thought leaders from healthcare companies, entrepreneurs, researchers, investors and clinicians for a unique fast-paced case-study format evening event.

Join investors, physicians and startups at the California Academy of Sciences for an engaging evening of interactive discussions with the most influential figures in medical product design. This is your chance to learn real-world lessons from industry leaders and meet innovators who will shape the future of digital health and wellness.

RxUX will be hosted by Owen Thomas, Editor-in-Chief of ReadWrite, who covers digital health and fitness in his ReadWriteBody column.

RxUX: Redefining Health & Wellness with Design

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California Academy of Sciences, Golden Gate Park 

Tuesday, June 17 6-9pm

San Francisco

Admission is $85 – space is limited so register here

RxUX is presented by Cainkade, a product design and development studio focused on beautiful user experiences and scalable technology, and angelMD, an investment marketplace connecting physician investors with innovative medical startups seeking capital investments, advisors, and users.

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