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The Innovation Teams Inventing the Future of Advertising

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It's no secret that brands are looking for digital ad experiences that are more than just marginal banner space. This week Ricardo Bilton in Digiday explores some of the ad innovation teams that are inventing the future of advertising including groups at The New York Times, The Washington Post, The Weather Company and Say Media.

About Say Media's ad engineering group Digiday writes:

Say Media has done a better job than most publishers of building premium custom ad experiences for brands. Its ad engineering group, which consists of 10 engineers, has built custom premium products like its "adaptive ads," which appear in-line with content.

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"The group is really focused on how to create a great experience that works for both the brand advertiser and the reader," said David Lerman, COO of Say Media.

We're happy to be in such great company. You can read the full article on Digiday here.

[Image credit: An Adaptive Ad from Say Media for Buick - click and scroll for a demo]

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