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Tempest: Say Media's Modern Publishing Platform

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The NY Times' Snow Fall piece that debuted in 2012 set a standard for what was possible for feature-article layout in digital - but it took six months and north of $100,000 to make. "We need to build tools where people can create those kind of powerful experiences much faster and cheaper," says Matt Sanchez, CEO of Say Media, in this Digiday article about the future of publishing.

Say Media's solution for publishers who want to create those powerful experiences is Tempest - designed to integrate advertising, content, community and even commerce features into a single platform.

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In February, Say partnered with A+E Networks to bring and LifetimeMoms onto the Tempest platform. It has already increased time-on-site by 50 percent for both properties and took just 4-6 weeks for the sites to go live.

Read the full story on Digiday here.

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