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Best of ReadwriteMix: Pebble’s CEO on the Power of a Platform & App Ecosystem

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Nearly two hundred entrepreneurs, tech lovers and journalists turned out last night for ReadWriteMix, to hear Pebble CEO Eric Migicovsky in conversation with ReadWrite editor in chief Owen Thomas. Eric talked about the power of an app ecosystem, how eventually Pebble will talk to other devices beyond the smartphone to add context to your life, and how the Pebble team is looking to 15,000 app developers and 400,000 Pebble active users to tell them where the platform should go next. Spoiler alert: Pebble is also not in talks to sell to Apple.

Update: Get the in-depth recap and analysis on ReadWrite here.

Dozens of people were also live-tweeting their favorite moments and quotes from the evening:

at #readwritemix and people in front of me are scanning through secret

— Ellen Healy (@ellenchealy) April 10, 2014

At #readwritemix presentation on wearable computing. Estimate close to half the people in the room are #womenintech. They do exist!

— Steve (@Vespa59) April 10, 2014

.@ericmigi confirms over 400k @Pebble sold (& about to hit @Target ) #readwritemix

— Ben Isaacson (@BenGIsaacson) April 10, 2014

Pebble is planning on talking to heart rate straps, ibeacons, etc. an API is in the works! @ericmigi #readwritemix

— Selena Larson (@selenalarson) April 10, 2014

Don't overbuild your inventory. One of the first lessons I learned. It almost killed the company. @ericmigi #readwritemix

— Selena Larson (@selenalarson) April 10, 2014

@Pebble will add LE integrations to untie the device from the phone. Barcode to pay at Starbucks will move towards BLE. #readwritemix

— Nick Palmer (@dragodellaqua) April 10, 2014

.@ericmigi: Future of hardware is a global phenomenon, not just localized to individual countries. #ReadWriteMix #pebble

— Anthony J. Garcia (@anthony_garcia) April 10, 2014

Wow 14-15K developers working on @Pebble apps #Readwritemix

— Joyce Golomb (@EmotivJoyce) April 10, 2014

60-70% of Pebble's web traffic comes from outside of the US. New hardware will trickle in from all over the world. - @ericmigi #readwritemix

— Diana Smith (@DianaHSmith) April 10, 2014

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We're building a platform. Our goal is to spread the Pebble OS worldwide. @ericmigi #readwritemix

— Selena Larson (@selenalarson) April 10, 2014

Developers are key to a successful produc - platform play is essential for users, says @ericmigi #readwritemix

— Clare Sayas (@claresayas) April 10, 2014

"One of the cool things about the bay area..learn from the giants that came before & you take their learnings" @ericmigi @RWW #ReadWriteMix

— StartX (@StartX) April 10, 2014

Developers are key to a successful produc - platform play is essential for users, says @ericmigi #readwritemix

— Clare Sayas (@claresayas) April 10, 2014

"Technology shouldn’t interrupt your daily life, it should mesh into the life you already live."- Pebble's @ericmigi #readwritemix

— ReadWrite (@RWW) April 10, 2014

Technology shouldn't change your habits, says @ericmigi - it should embed into your normal life #ReadWriteMix #tech

— Edelman SV (@EdelmanSV) April 10, 2014

@owenthomas Says if you have a MS Spot you are a #wearhole! LOL With @ericmigi at #readwritemix

— Nick Palmer (@dragodellaqua) April 10, 2014

#readwritemix "Context is really key. Different notifications are important to you during different times of the day." @ericmigi

— glhaldeman (@glhaldeman) April 10, 2014

@vjkaruna you just won the raffle at #readwritemix!!

— Jessica Chan (@JessinSF) April 10, 2014

There are 2 more Mixes scheduled for this summer – we hope you’ll join us!

Map The Wearable And Readable Worlds At #ReadWriteMix This Summer by @owenthomas

— ReadWrite (@RWW) April 10, 2014

You can read more about Pebble on ReadWrite.

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