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Native Ads: Forget Clicks, It’s All About Engagement


We've written about the myths about native ads, the best platforms for native ads, what brands are doing native well, and we've asked industry watchers to tell us what they think of native ads . We've also talked about the role of storytelling in native ads - and we know what ads look like when they're really digitally native.

So how do we measure whether they work? It's about engagement, not clicks. Digiday has a nice piece today that talks about how native ad measurement is finally coming of age and quotes Say Media's Greg Williams, senior director for product management on how Say Media is measuring how much time an ad was viewed and engaged with, building on accountable pricing for native ads.

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It's a watershed time for publishers to figure this out. Read the full piece about how Say Media, The Atlantic, Buzzfeed and others are improving on the standard publisher metrics of clicks and shares here.

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