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11 Execs Embracing LinkedIn's Publishing Platform for Branding

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Recently, LinkedIn opened its publishing platform to sixty thousand members so that they can post original content and share their valuable experience. Previously, LinkedIn's publishing platform was only available to Influencers, a carefully curated group of hand selected thought leaders, but now professionals who may not have the clout of a well-known executive, but who have knowledge worth sharing, can also publish their thoughts on everything from what inspires them to the best advice they've ever received.

Of course, those people also have businesses to run, so there hasn't been a huge explosion of content since the publishing platform opened up, but as of last week over 2,000 professionals opted in and started posting.

Because LinkedIn is primarily used for professional networking, we weren't surprised to find that most articles were about hiring, firing, and being a successful employee or manager - but some execs branched out to share there thoughts about marketing, branding, and advertising. Plus, part of being a successful marketer IS about being productive and happy at work, so we appreciate the inside scoop on that as well.

Here are some of the people we enjoy following as well as a few of their best posts.

David Edelman

McKinsey partner leading Digital Marketing Strategy Practice

Followers: 279,762

What a Goldfish Can Teach You About Customer Loyalty

Best Advice: Tell Me a Story

What's Marketing Got to Do with Poetry?

Clara Shih

CEO of Heresay Social

Followers: 120, 365

What's the Endgame for Social Media?

How Brands Can Make the Most of Any Event

Richard A. Moran

CEO at Accretive Solutions

Followers: 27,848

Best Advice: Every Day Is Important, Every Detail Matters

3 Reasons Why the Smallest of Gifts Matters

Katya Andresen

CEO at ePals

Followers: 462,176

Three Tips to Telling a Persuasive Story

The Three Cause Marketing Lessons I Learned from Sea Monkeys

4 Lessons on Reinventing You and Your Brand

David Kerpen

CEO Likeable Local

Followers: 335,238

Don't Sell It, Storytell It

Do This to Succeed with Content Marketing

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Craig Newmark

Founder at Craigconnects and Craigslist

Followers: 300,327

Choose Your Fights Carefully

Best Advice: Make 'Em Laugh - or They'll Kill You

Jennifer Dulski

President and COO at

Followers: 35,797

How I Learned to Get Results and Still Have a Life

Treat Customers Like Batman Would

Want to Be More Creative? One Method That Might Surprise You.

Jonathan Becher


Followers: 29,800

Extreme Customer Experience: Making the 'Segment of One' a Reality

The Art and Science of Storytelling

Marketing Must Shift from Brand Police to Brand Cataylst

Bernie Borges

CEO at Find and Convert

The Rise of the Employee Brand Advocate

Launching Your LinkedIn Publishing Plan

Joe Pulizzi

Founder at Content Marketing Institute

Followers: 26,435

State of Content Marketing: We're Witnessing a Market Correction

The One Thing Media Companies Have That You Need

Content Without Strategy Is Just Stuff

Guy Kawasaki

Founder of Alltop, Author

Followers: 617,318

The Art of Branding

How to Build Your Social Media Presence

Did we miss anyone? Let us know in the comments.

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