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xoVain Turns One

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It's flown by, but this week xoVain is celebrating its first year anniversary.

When xoJane launched several years ago, it was truly one of the first websites where independent, passionate, and opinionated women could go to find raw, honest, and compelling stories from real, relatable women. Readers were drawn to the site instantly, spending an average of five minutes per visit engaging with the authors and each other in the comments. Even more impressive is how thoughtful the readers' reactions were to the types of personal articles they couldn't find anywhere else on the web.

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At the same time, however, these readers had no problem clicking from an article like It Happened to Me: I'm Married to a Virgin to a beauty article telling them how one writer fixed her chicken skin and got awesome hair to boot.

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In fact, many of those beauty articles were among the site's most popular. The readers loved that they were getting beauty advice from women who'd actually tried the products and refused to say good things about something if it didn't do what it promised. Soon, the comment sections on beauty articles turned into a forum for the readers to give and get great makeup and skin care advice from each other. Beauty articles garnered hundreds of comments in just a few hours. And Jane Pratt, the editor of xoJane, knew there was something special there.

Cue xoVain, a beauty site like no other.

Jane says, "xoVain is not about professional experts. It's about real women sharing what they know and have learned about beauty by living it." A woman who has been dealing with acne since the age of thirteen is an expert in skin care because she's lived it. She's tried everything. She knows what works and what doesn't. She doesn't need a degree to make her opinion valid. Her opinion is valid because she's talking about her own experiences."

More good news too: Last week xoVain announced it was also getting a world-class editor-in-chief Anne-Marie Guarnieri.

Congrats xoVain - here's to an amazing second year ahead!

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