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Internet Week NYC: Mobile Is Killing Media – And Here’s What We Can Do About It

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By the second half of 2014 more than half of all time spent online will be mobile. However, with current ad models, publishers get just 20 percent of the revenue per page view on mobile than they do on the desktop.

Matt Sanchez, CEO of Say Media, will explore this challenge and offer insights and advice to help publishers monetize their mobile content at Internet Week New York on May 19-22. Help us get this panel on the main stage by voting here. (Registration is required - it takes just a few seconds to sign in and vote.)

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Matt will discuss monetization approaches that the industry is starting to experiment with including native ads, in-stream, interstitial, paid applications, subscription, and more and offer real world examples of successful campaigns.

Internet Week New York is an annual celebration of the global impact of technology on business, entertainment and culture. The festival highlights the innovators building the new economy.

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