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9 Brands Doing Cool Things on Tumblr in 2014

In August of 2012, we took a look at 9 brands using Tumblr in a compelling way to gain exposure, loyalty, and growth. Nine months later, Yahoo acquired the microblogging platform for $990 million. Forbes reports that growth since the May 2013 acquisition has "come to a screeching halt" but despite the fact that traffic has seemingly plateaued, we're happy to report that brands are still using the site as an innovative way to tell quick stories that promote their brand in new and interesting ways. What's surprising is how many brands still aren't using Tumblr, especially considering how visual and easily sharable the content on Tumblr is.

That being said, there are definitely some smart brands out there who are using Tumblr to their advantage. Here are 9 brands whose Tumblrs we love to follow:

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Tiffany & Co.

Tiffany is a brand that manages to be both aspirational and accessible, although they only focus on the former. Their "From Out of the Blue" Tumblr showcases stunning celebrities wearing their gems as well as perfectly-styled photos of jewelry every woman would love to find inside a little blue box. What's not to "like"?

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Rolling Stone

Rolling Stone uses Tumblr as an opportunity to link people to articles on their site, but we don't mind as it gives readers an easy and digestible way to find stories that interest them. Their frequent updates ensure followers will almost always discover something new.

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Kate Spade

Kate Spade is active on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, but they use their Tumblr to tell a more complete visual story that showcases their brand and appeals to customers. Their posts are a mix of fashion and lifestyle, but all of them perfectly represent Kate Spade by being colorful, whimsical, and aspirational.

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SK-II is a luxury line of skincare products, so it only makes sense that their Tumblr is sophisticated and beautiful. What we really love though is that it's not an ad for their skincare line, but rather a carefully curated selection of hidden getaways and gems that complement the lifestyle of a potential SK-II woman.

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A Tumblr for grown-ups and kids alike, the Disney Tumblr is a perfect combination of nostalgia and promotion. Sweet, inspirational .gifs are paired with fun facts and "ads" about upcoming releases. It's a great way to make sure their current message gets out while entertaining people with their favorite moments and characters from Disney past. Plus, the timelessness of it all ensures lots of sharing.

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MTV posts several times a day, which is perfect for a brand trying to get and keep the younger generation's attention. Most of their posts are .gifs of celebs (easy and fun to share) with a dash of promos reminding viewers to tune in to their favorite shows.

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NPR's Fresh Air

NPR's Fresh Air didn't have much of a web presence until they hired an associate producer for online media. Since then, Melody Seavy-Nesper has done a formidable job of using Tumblr to attract followers and keep loyal listeners engaged. Followers will find more than just links to Fresh Air interviews; they'll also get beautiful pictures and interesting news.

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Whole Foods

We love that Whole Foods gets the concept of aligning with great content. Their Tumblr, Dark Rye, is an online magazine with monthly themes that "brings together pioneers of unconventional ideas to explore the edges of creative life." We love it because they find the stories for us that we want to read.

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Calvin Klein

Gorgeous celebrities at award shows, beautiful runway shots, and incredibly attractive half-naked models in underwear. This is exactly the type of content that does well on Tumblr. Calvin Klein presents it in a way that's sexy and sleek, just like their iconic black and white ads.

Any brands you love to follow on Tumblr that we missed? Let us know in the comments.

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