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9 Brands Doing A Lot in Just 6 Seconds

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Vine is just over a year old and in that time we've seen lots of brands try (and sometimes fail) to use Twitter's mobile video service as a way to promote themselves and create engagement.

Since a Vine video is only six seconds long, creating a well-crafted video can be difficult. Though some people succeed by just shooting non-stop the entire time, most videos that really captivate are the ones that use stop-motion or clever editing. The good thing about Vine, however, is that the app makes it easy to do so and doesn't require anything except patience and creativity.

We took a look at some brands whose Vines we can't get enough of, but that we also think do their brands a service by either promoting themselves overtly or simply aligning themselves with great content.

Take a look at the ones we love and let us know who we left out in the comments.


Ford's only been using Vine for a little over a month, but the auto brand jumped on board enthusiastically, and now posts nearly four Vines a week. What makes Ford stand out from its Vine-using competitors, however, is that Ford doesn't create its Vines in-house. Rather, it works with existing Vine influencers and, even crazier, has the influnecers post on their accounts. (Ford simply re-Vines them, often getting only a fraction of the engagement.)

The Vines are a mix of stop-motion and comedic live-action. And they all feature a Ford vehicle.


Unlike Ford, GE has been using Vine since the very beginning, even going so far as to hold a "6 Second Science Fair" last fall where participants uploaded six seconds of video showing the miracles of science. Oddly, they took to YouTube to actually feature the submissions, showing that 6 seconds isn't actually always enough time…

They've also successfully used stop-motion animation to tell their story and to make a brand that might not always be viewed as accessible or engaging those very things.


Without fail, Oreo Cookie lands on every list we create about brands using social media well. And, no, it's not just because we love that perfect little cookie. Rather, Oreo is a brand that has truly embraced social media, and Vine is the perfect medium for them to show followers all of the different and fun ways one can enjoy an Oreo Cookie.

Dunkin Donuts

Dunkin Donuts was the first brand to use a Vine video as a TV ad, taking advantage of ESPN's "billboard" ad unit, a five-second spot that airs between segments on the network. The video showed a latte doing the coin toss, which perfectly timed with the switch from pre-game coverage to the start of the game.

They also captured the attention of NFL fans throughout the season by recreating key plays using coffee cups and donut holes.

One of our favorites was their tribute to Candlestick Park posted on the night of the last-ever game to be played there.

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Tide stole the show at the Super Bowl this year by releasing perfectly timed Vines in response to other brands commercials. Thanks to the fact that brands are now releasing their Big Game commercials before the actual Big Game, Tide was able to create 23 hilarious Vines that engaged consumers and brands.

In general, Tide has done an excellent job of creating Vines that are relevant to pop culture, like this one referencing Scandal:

And this one during the Olympics:


Visa sponsored several Olympic athletes and we really appreciated the way in which they used those sponsorships to create relevant Vines that focused more on the games and less on the brand, a technique we appreciate as we believe that simply associating oneself with great content is often an incredibly effective way of advertising.

Canadian speedskater Denny Morrison won silver and bronze medals at the game and the resulting Vine is both heart-warming and fun.

We also got a kick out of this Vine celebrating the debut of the freeski halfpipe.


Samsung uploaded its first-ever Vine on the same day that Vine was made available on Google Play for Android users promoting the fact that there's a "first Vine for every phone."

They've continued to make compelling Vines since then, ones that feel simple, but are incredibly creative and compelling.


Though they don't post often, the Peanuts gang doesn't let a big event go by without a Vine to celebrate it. The Vines are nostalgic who grew up with Snoopy and Charlie Brown and are a good way to keep the brand alive for kids who may not be familiar with Lucy's infamous football gag.

Trident Gum

Though they weren't the first to do it, Trident Gum also aired a Vine video as a TV commercial, a six-second clip on Fuse promoting Trident Layers.

What Trident and these other brands are so doing well is truly understanding the simplicity and limitations of the Vine app and making those things work for them, not against them. And even better, they make it look so easy.

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