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Map of the Content Marketing Landscape

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We’ve written a lot about content marketing – including what makes for really great content marketing, the power of real-time content marketing, why content is the secret weapon of commerce and what most content marketing campaigns are missing (hint: you need a content media approach, not just marketing).

What we haven’t seen yet is a complete picture of the digital content marketing universe, which is something research firm LUMA Partners has tried to tackle. You might quibble with some of the categories, the brand publisher list overlooks alot of heavyweights, and many of these companies play in several of these spaces - but it is an interesting lens on the content marketing landscape. You'll find Say Media on the left side near Vox (click the image to enlarge).

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For another look at many of the same companies, here's an interesting map of the native advertising landscape from TripleLift.

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