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9 Brands Using Instagram Video Right

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When Instagram video was announced last year, it provided brands with a whole new way to market themselves and gain followers. Fifteen seconds is as long as many television commercials and more than enough time to use visuals to tell a story. However, those fifteen seconds also need to be compelling, creative, and, dare we say, cool.

And therein lies the challenge for most brands that are either apprehensive about creating content for a new medium or just don't get how to do it.

A few brands, however, have really embraced the Instagram video platform, giving their followers great content that is easy to digest, fun to share, and ultimately super fun to watch. Here are 9 of our favorites. Let us know which brands we missed in the comments.


Followers: 123,019

Oreo is great at using Instagram to promote its famous cookie in a way that's both clever and irreverent. Their videos stand out for several reasons:

1. It doesn't take itself too seriously.

2. It isn't afraid to show the iconic cookie as something other than a cookie.

3. The videos are a mixture of whimsical and, dare we say, useful? See "Party Dunk" for an idea we wish we'd had when we were young.

Party Dunk

Plate Cleaning Itself

Lemon Oreos Are Back

Red Bull

Followers: 1,136,613

Red Bull is all about extreme sports and though it took them a while to start using Instagram effectively, they finally figured out all they had to do to engage their loyal audience was show them more of what they wanted: crazy action videos. The best part? The videos don't even have to be new. People just love watching videos that get their adrenaline going. Whether it's big air, big waves, or big falls, Red Bull succeeds on Instagram simply by sharing what they already do well.





Followers: 1,989,180

MTV stands for Music Television, so it only makes sense that MTV's Instagram is filled with videos. Whether they're paying homage to their favorite artists, sharing the day's entertainment news, or promoting an upcoming show, their videos are perfectly catered to their audience as proven by their enormous following.

Why We Love Taylor Swift

MTV News

Miley Unplugged

BBC News

Followers: 14,923

The BBC uses Instagram as a way to update its followers on both important headlines and more light-hearted stories. The first major news outlet to truly embrace Instagram video as a way to connect with their viewers, the BBC has already figured out that interspersing sillier candid moments with the more serious news is a great way to keep this particular audience coming back for now. Right now, they're calling their usage of Instagram video "very experimental," which is exactly why it's so interesting.

Instafax Headlines

Plumber Holds Headline for World's Fastest Toilet

Queen's Fat Bottomed Girls Plays During Political Debate

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Followers: 1,614,127

GoPro is one of the most popular brands on Instagram and the reason is simple. Their videos perfectly represent what they're selling: quality videos that take you on an exciting ride. Chances are, you're never going to experience a wave at Mavericks, ski jump at Lillehammer, or take flight with vultures, but with GoPro's instagram you can get pretty close.


Ski Jump


Hugo Boss

Followers: 95,551

The Hugo Boss brand is all about style and luxury, so it makes perfect sense that their Instagram videos would channel those concepts. Heavily produced and product-focused, their videos are gorgeous, sleek, and perfectly tailored to their clientele.

New Season

Just Shine

Life Is Like a Runway

Top Shop

Followers: 1,785,588

Top Shop is a great example of a brand that understands not all of its Instagram videos have to be works of art. They have a good mix of videos that are produced with fun shots and music as well as casual shots of the latest trends one will find in-store.



Meadham Kirchhoff


Followers: 43,420

Fast cars, filthy trucks, family spirit, and… Muppets? Toyota uses Instagram video in a way that appeals to almost anyone who ever has to get behind the wheel of a car. Whether you like sleek, stylish and speedy, a truck that likes to get dirty and hold all of your gear, or Kermit the Frog, they've got a video that'll make you smile.

Muddy Truck


Family Spirit

Tiffany and Co.

Followers: 1,098,759

Tiffany and Co. has the benefit of selling products that are visually stunning, therefore almost anything they post is going to get a lot of "likes." Not too hard when your brand is all about a girl's best friend. They've only recently delved into the world of Instagram video, but they've done an excellent job of creating scenes that are both charming and whimsical. Most of all, they manage to make one feel that their brand is luxurious and aspirational, yet still accessible.

Love Is In the Air

Blow a Kiss

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