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An Incredible and Intricate Map of the Modern Internet

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Maps are cool - especially when they show you a place you think you know in a whole new way. Slovakan artist Martin Vargic has produced a cool cross XKCD's Map of Online Communities and the classic National Geographic Maps, producing an amazing and detailed map of the current online world.

Even more amazing: He created the whole thing freehand with Photoshop in his spare time - in just 3 weeks!

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The map uses a visual hierarchy that highlights companies with the most users (or sites with the most visitors), and surrounding them with smaller companies named after adjacent businesses. So Google is roughly where North America would be - and South America is a swarm of pirate and porn sites. Outside the main map are four smaller maps showing the most used web browsers, most used social networks, and Internet penetration by country.

Other designers have tried to map the Internet in different ways, (we've even tried to map the tech universe and the online food universe) but this is one of the more detailed ones we've seen to date. Bravo!

You can support the artist and get a print copy (or a high res version) here.

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