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13 Apps for Mastering the Art of the Selfie

Remember back in 2012, when if you wanted to take a photo of yourself, you would turn to Instagram, because what else was there? But now, since 2013 was the year of the selfie and all, there’s been an explosion of photo apps specifically defined to make your selfie more selfalicious.

So whether you are marketing yourself or your brand is interested in using selfies to capture your customers in action, it’s up to you to know which selfie apps might be right for you. Turns out, there’s a ton of them.

Here’s a quick run-down of the top selfie apps, but this list is by no means exhaustive. There’s about to be a Game-of-Thrones-style reckoning in the selfie app market, and winter is coming.

So here are some of the potential winners:

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For sale in the Apple App Store for $3.99, Facetune basically gives you a set of Photoshop-like tools to remove blemishes, darken red-eye and whiten teeth. So might be perfect if you’re a zitty, doe-eyed coffee drinker. It’s the #1 Photo and Video app in 107 countries.

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Love to take selfies, but have short arms? Then CamMe might be the selfie app for you, since it teaches your phone’s camera to recognize your hand, so you can control the shutter of your phone with hand gestures.

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Do you want a good photo but don’t want the hassle of editing? Pixtr is the selfie app for you. With its fully automated face-prettifying features, Pixtr could have a large audience among people who want to look good but don’t care about knowing how to do it.

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This is kind of a niche app, but Everyday is the app to download if you want to take a picture of yourself every day and turn your face into a movie. Great motivator for starting your exercise or weight-loss program, and for brands that encourage long-term thinking.

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Actually a whole suite of apps, ModiFace is the umbrella brand for three face-fixing mobile platforms. With MakeUp, users can apply over 50 realistic simulations from hairstyles to eye lashes, and it updates every week with new celebrity hairstyles. With FaceLift, you can apply 20 anti-aging techniques based on a decade of research. And with the ModiFace Photo Editor, you have the tools to customize your selfie into a work of art. The possibilities of in-app branding here are exciting.

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The opposite of ModiFace, Glitche transforms your photos using computer bugs and common software errors. This app’s reason for existence is to literally to make your photos look worse, way way worse, in the most techy, geeky way possible. Why does this app exist, and why don’t I have it?

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Want to take a picture of yourself while simultaneously taking a photo of what’s in front of you? Crazy, you say. It was until Frontback came along and solved this problem for good. Two pictures at the same time: you and what you’re looking at. Boom.

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Is your brand too good for Instagram? You can try EyeEm, the Berlin-based photo-sharing site that focuses on the photography first, and allows users the opportunity to sell their own images -- something that drove away many Instragram users who considered themselves something more than mere amateurs. If your brand caters to the pros, you might find them on EyeEm.

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Selfie Cam

Have you ever thought, “This picture of me looks great, but I wish I had a mustache and some of those Kanye shutter shades.” Never fear, Selfie Cam has got your back. Maybe your can talk to these guys about some in-app advertising, if your brand is silly enough.

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Some selfie apps only exist to activate the front camera, which could only be for people who can’t figure out how to switch between front-facing and selfie-facing on the camera. At least with the Selfie app, it comes with some actual handy features like automatically taking the picture three seconds after detecting your face.

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Krop Circle

Ever want your selfie cropped as a circle photo? Then here’s Krop Circle. If a circle isn’t enough, you can pay extra for cropping tools in the shapes of hexagons and X’s and all sorts of shapes.

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Selfies aren’t enough? Then looping selfie GIF’s from Loopcam might be what your brand is looking for. Like Vine, but you can add stickers, which makes all the difference.

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Shots of Me

A roundup of selfie apps wouldn’t be complete without Shots of Me, the social network of nothing but selfies, backed by Justin Beiber in a much-hyped way. And yet, this app has been a total dud out of the gate.

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