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Visual Revolution Summit Video: Matt Sanchez in Conversation with Peter Kafka

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Matt Sanchez, co-founder and CEO of Say Media was a featured guest at this year's Visual Revolution Summit in New York - a gathering of 300 influential leaders from the world of publishers, agencies and brands with a vested interest in the future of photo-driven storytelling. This one-day event focused on digital storytelling, visual branding, consumer generated marketing, sponsored content and social media. Matt participated in a session called Media Cowboys in a one-on-one conversation with Peter Kafka of All Things D.

It was a great session and as Peter Kafka and the crowd tweeted, there was some great insight there:

Kudos to @msanchez for candor: told me mobile will be 50% of Say Media's traffic next year, but is worth only 20% of a desktop view. Gulp.

— Peter Kafka (@pkafka) December 5, 2013

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Moving away from display to stream-based ads may solve the big mobile revenue challenge for media publishers. @msanchez #VisualRevolution

— Karen Lee (@karenlee) December 5, 2013

In short, mobile represents a massive opportunity for content creators and marketers alike. Engagement is higher. You can access content on the go. And as a platform, it lends itself to social discovery more than desktop content. But it's also full of challenges. There's a five-fold gap between mobile revenue and desktop revenue for the same page. In other words, for every page viewed on a mobile device, publishers currently see only 20 percent of the revenue they’d receive from a desktop visit.

In the conversation, Matt laid out the pitfalls and opportunities - and the exciting new strategies that are improving engagement and harnessing the power of mobile for advertisers and publishers.

Watch the video of the full conversation below (the audio track has some ambient noise so turn up the volume) – and you can read more from Matt on the topic here.

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