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10 Most Popular Say Daily Interviews of 2013

At Say Media, we get to meet a lot of extremely talented independent content creators - storytellers who are sharing a passion, creating an audience and building bonafide media businesses. We love to interview these storytellers and content creators, to share their successes, and celebrate their creativity. Here are the most popular interviews we did in 2013. Enjoy, share and let us know if there's someone else you think we should interview.

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Love Taza: Life Is Beautiful

Naomi Davis met her husband in Manhattan while she was at Juilliard and he was at Columbia. They became best friends, fell in love and were married in 2007. And the rest, as they say, is history. Lucky for the rest of us, they share their beautiful life in the Big City with their two little ones on Love Taza | Rockstar Diaries. The site is a beautiful exploration of the city they love and their life there. The gorgeous photos pull you in and the fun content keeps you coming back. Oh, and Naomi truly has some great style too…

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NYC Taught Me: A Magical Place to Raise a Family

Have you ever wondered what your city teaches you? Sharon Beesley moved from San Francisco to Manhattan with her husband, daughter and twin boys, and now she chronicles their adventures in the city, as they learn to flag cabs and fold their pizzas. Her site is NYC Taught Me, and it's a refreshingly down-to-earth site about raising kids in the Big City—from bathroom accidents on the bus to cranky subway riders who hate double strollers. As a recent transplant, she also reminds New Yorkers about why it's okay to feel like a tourist sometimes, the surprises of Chinatown, great field trips outside the city, and how to get kissed at the top on the Empire State Building

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TSBMen: Style & Inspiration from America's Best-Dressed Real Man

Stylish men's media is having its moment, and not surprisingly TSBMen (formerly The Style Blogger) is among the sites leading the charge. TSBMen is led by the best-dressed real man himself, Dan Trepanier, a former clothing-obsessed basketball player who understands what it means to create practical and inspiring content for real guys. Not models, not celebrities – real people…

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Ivory Lane: Polished, Elegant Style

Today's fashion lovers are social – and they get their fashion inspiration not just from Elle,Vogue and other traditional sources, they get it instantly, online from their style icons and each other. Case in point: Emily Jackson of Ivory Lane who's in New York this week covering Fashion Week and part of the new front row. Follow her on Instagram and you'll catch Emily's shots from the Tory Burch show and see why she was recently named a Vanity Fair User's Choice Best Dressed

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Mamalode: Authentic, Sexy, World-Class Stories About Motherhood

What does modern mommyhood look like? A lot of things - and you'll find essence of all that onMamalode, an online community and lifestyle site for active, outspoken and smart moms. Mamalode began as a free, local print publication, caught fire with its readers and is now an online site that posts every day, three times a day during the week. Put another way, Lisa Stone of BlogHer sums up Mamalode in one simple sentence: "America's best parenting magazine"…

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Style Girlfriend: Guy's Style from a Girl's Perspective

Megan Collins loves to help men look great. She doesn't want to turn them into metrosexuals or clotheshorses – and she wouldn't dream of sending them to Fashion Week. She just wants to help guys pick nice clothes that look good – without them having to think too much about what they're wearing. (Ladies, rejoice!)…

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Nilofer Merchant: Creating Value in the #SocialEra

Talk about lightning in a bottle: Nilofer Merchant is a best-selling author, a successful entrepreneur, and a visionary – and she captures what she knows and shares it in a series of innovation columns for the Harvard Business Review. Most recently she has written a book that is a must-read for anyone in media, marketing or business: 11 Rules for Creating Value in the #SocialEra. Nilofer's got real business cred too, having launched somewhere north of 100 products, netted $18 billion in global sales and is now is now on the board of one public and two private e-commerce companies…

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Gold-Dipped, Rose-Colored and Fabulous: This Is Glamorous

Beguiling, captivating, alluring, romantic ... you'll find things that fit all those descriptions on Roséline Lohr's site, This Is Glamorous. Each post is an invitation to get lost in over-the-top royal settings, travel to romantic destinations, and discover sumptuous outfits and décor. If you want to live a romantic and luscious life, this is where you go for inspiration...

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3191 Miles Apart: A Friendship in Photographs

Best friends Maria Alexandra Vitesse (MAV) and Stephanie Congdon Barnes (SCB) live exactly 3191 miles apart—in Portland, Maine, and Portland, Oregon, respectively—but they stay in close touch with their weekly side-by-side photography blog. Stephanie is the mother of two, and shares lovely everyday motherhood moments, including whole-wheat chocolate-chip cookies she packed in sack lunches and board games she plays with her kids. MAV lives in a flat that was built in 1891 with her sweetheart and two cats. Together they have created a beautiful space that offers a glimpse into both their lives – and which has become a publishing platform in its own right. They've created books, a quarterly magazine, brand campaigns and even a shop

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The Chalkboard Mag: A Study In Living Well

Exactly what's in the fridge of your favorite healthy celeb? What all-natural beauty products are good for you and give you an all-natural glow? Welcome to The Chalkboard, your new favorite place for all things green, tasty and healthy. You'll find out what the best new superfoods are and how to use them, DIY healthy recipes like how to make your own sriracha sauce, asuper model's health tips and city guides for popular destinations. The Chalkboard is Pressed Juicery's take into the wellness lifestyle and a new Say Media content partner. We caught up with the managing editor Suzanne Hall to ask her about the site's most popular posts, innovations that excite her and some responsible products she's loving right now…

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ManMade DIY: Creativity for the Post-Modern Man

There's a lot of joy for DIY in an increasingly digital world, especially when it involves power tools and some ingenuity – a fact not lost on Chris Gardner founder of ManMade, a DIY site devoted to the manly art of making and doing stuff by hand. This is where you'll find roll-up-your sleeves projects like 5 Easy DIY Bike Tuneups, How Make Your Own Portable Camp Kitchen, and How to Make a Simple Rustic Bench - as well as useful lost skills primers including 10 Highball Recipes Every Man Should Know and How to Make Your Haircut Last 2 Weeks Longer

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