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ReadWriteMix Highlights: Simon Khalaf of Flurry and the Real Mobile Revolution

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We used to dream about computers in our pocket or attached to our body - and it's finally happened: 1.3 billion people are now living with mobile phones and tablets and these mobile devices have eclipsed PCs as our primary computing devices. That was just one of the revelations last night at ReadWriteMix as Flurry CEO Simon Khalaf joined host Owen Thomas, editor-in-chief of ReadWrite, for an evening of conversation at ReadWriteMix about our mobile future and the big shifts in mobile in the year ahead.

Flurry's analytics service tracks more than 1.3 trillion data points and follows more mobile users than Facebook or Twitter – so they know a lot about what we do on our phones and tablets. Among the other things Khalaf shared:

  • There is no more Black Friday or Cyber Monday spike anymore – Black Friday happens all the time with mobile
  • Messaging and chat apps are the dialtone of the industry
  • During the PC era 85% of software was made in U.S. – with apps it's less than 25-30%
  • A phone is a wearable device – and it's more accessible than our wallets
  • The development of apps is accelerating – and you can always find 50 million people to use your app (corollary: 50 million is the new 5 million)
  • Social is mobile and a feature of the mobile experience
  • The best days of investing in mobile are ahead of us

ReadWrite will be posting an in-depth recap (Update: The ReadWrite recap is here) and some video highlights from the evening soon. In the meantime, here are some favorite moments from the crowd, which was live-tweeting the event:

Chat apps are the dialogue layer on top of mobile, media is the next level.. #readwritemix

— annebot (@annebot) December 12, 2013

@FlurryMobile CEO: Distributed + mobile = "Humans are replacing computers [in some arenas]." #readwritemix

— Stephen Lynch (@Stephen_Lynch) December 12, 2013

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Dang @Simonkhalaf has only great things to say about Chinese devs and companies, really something to watch. #readwritemix

— Selena Larson (@selenalarson) December 12, 2013

Very impressed by @Simonkhalaf. Great speaker. Knows his mobile stats #readwritemix @FlurryMobile

— Amy Ziari (@aziari) December 12, 2013

@Simonkhalaf says that @facebook is possibly missing what the consumer really wants #readwritemix

— Patrick Reilly (@preillyme) December 12, 2013

Damn. 'On August 15, Google went down and 40% of the web went down with it.' @Simonkhalaf #readwritemix

— Julie (@jzappelli) December 12, 2013

"People don't really follow TV channels, they follow TV programs." - @owenthomas #readwritemix

— John Boitnott (@jboitnott) December 12, 2013

.@preillyme @FlurryMobile @Simonkhalaf @Rww puts on the best talks in SF by far IMO. Great interviews/great interviewees #readwritemix

— Amy Ziari (@aziari) December 12, 2013

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