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Creative Spotlight: AdFrames & Mobile Hall of Fame

Great relationships make great advertising. Understanding a brand’s needs and perspective allows for a strategy that connects them with their audience in engaging ways. That’s why our creative studio likes to collaborate with clients and agencies, executing first-to-market ideas in our expandable ad canvas.

Say Media's AdFrames technology allows consumers to engage on deeper levels with brands online, whether that's through video and interactive elements or integrated custom content. Our creative studio partners with brands and agencies to create these unique experiences - and each quarter we vote on our best work.

This quarter’s AdFrames Hall of Fame winners in desktop and mobile reflect the ways we we come together to create amazing ads. Click the links or images to explore:


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Ford Fiesta

Experience the Ford Fiesta Movement with the seamless flow of mission videos and twitter entries. The all-inclusive and continuously looping ad allows you to travel through all of its rich social content. (Team Detroit concept & Say Studio consult & design)

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Honda - 2014 Odyssey

Explore the 2014 Honda Odyssey with this slick and fluid ad experience. Sit back, and be guided through, or explore slides and animated hotspots at your discretion. What on the surface seems simple, hides a meticulously crafted experience designed for your viewing pleasure. (Grip Limited concept & design, Say Studio production)

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Clorox - Smart Tube Technology

Learn what makes the Clorox's new smart tube technology Shuffle through three illustrated animations that compare Clorox's new bottle with its old school counterpart. (Say Studio concept & design, Real Interactive approval)


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Prilosec OTC

This game was built completely in-house. By creating a fun and engaging game, we gave consumers an incentive to stay in the unit and learn that an upset stomach can come from more than just food. With built in channel intelligence, you can find a nearby location to purchase Prilosec OTC right away. (Say Studio concept & production, SMG Mediavest approval)

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Designed to showcase the sleek design and purchase options of the Braun CoolTec shaver, this creative adds a location API to show you online retailers. Swipe to experience the product at a 360 degree view, watch the video and purchase one now. (Say Studio concept & design w/ Barefoot Proximity consult & approval)

Image Title6

Scotiabank - Renovations (TABLET)

Find out which renovations can help increase the value of your home with this interactive tablet-based ad from Scotiabank. Tap the doors to get in, then explore the different rooms and hotspots for more information. (Bensimon Byrne concept & design, Say Studio production)

Jen Loomis is creative director of advertising for Say Media.

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