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HTC Wins Silver Internationalist Award with Say Media Canada

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It's been a good week for awards and Say Media. This week HTC and M2M were honored with a Silver Internationalist Award for Innovative Digital Solutions for a custom content campaign that ran across the Say Media content nework. HTC and M2M turned to Say Media to put together custom content that would not only teach its target customers about the benefits of the new HTC One phone but also show the HTC One in use by some of their favorite influencers. After all, talk is cheap, but genuine advocacy is priceless.

About the campaign, the judges wrote:

The HTC consumer is a millennial who lives their life through a socially connected, digital world. This demographic would reject or ignore brand messages that are simply pushed on them. HTC needed to involve them and engage at every step.

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HTC leveraged Say Media’s network of grassroots editors and their dedicated audiences to create custom content using the HTC device. Content was featured on the editors website, their social network and within an engagement unit that ran throughout Say’s network.

Canadian-based style sites including Trend Hunter, The Style House, The Marcus Troy Experience and Casie Stewart: This Is My Life used their HTC One phones to take gorgeous photos of the hottest trends and other things that inspire them.

You can read more about the campaign and the results in this in-depth case study.

Congratulations to HTC, M2M and Say Media Canada!

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