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xoVain: A Bold New Look, Tempest and Adaptive Ads

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This week Say Media's dev team launched a beautiful redesign of the beauty site xoVain that integrates Adaptive Ads and takes advantage of the great new features you'll also see on ReadWrite.

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This was more than just a design update - xoVain is built on Say Media's Tempest publishing platform. Tempest is a huge leap forward in publishing technology. It makes it dramatically easier to add new features for our readers and roll them out across our entire portfolio. It gives editors a brand new authoring environment to make them more effective and efficient. It’s built on a totally redesigned technology stack that will let us create richer interactivity, develop new features faster, and react to real-time data more effectively.

And that's just the beginning. Over the next few months, the Say Media dev team will be rolling out more sites on the platform, giving editors new tools to tell richer and more interactive stories, giving readers better ways to find and interact with content – and continuing to push digital media forward.

Check out xoVain's new look – and look for more exciting news soon as we work tirelessly to build the future of digital media.

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