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Say Media Living Brands on Pinterest

Home design, gardening and food are a match made in heaven on Pinterest where collecting gorgeous photos and saving them for later is the name of the game. Small wonder then that Say Media's living brands have found sizable happy audiences.

Here's how a few of Say Media's own living brands are using it to engage with their fans.

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Heidi Swanson, 101 Cookbooks


San Francisco-based Heidi Swanson is the founder and editor of 101 Cookbooks. A photographer and New York Times bestselling author and designer, Swanson's work has been featured or written about in hundreds of publications. She also created and curates the online shop, While her site started in 2003 as a place to cook her way through all her cookbooks, her Pinterest interests cover a wider range of personal interests including things she'd like to wear, things she has and loves, places she wants to visit and things she wants to remember. It's a perfect extension of her aesthetic.

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Remodelista shares home living inspiration and curated product information with a savvy design-obsessed community. Here, stylish home enthusiasts collect ideas, get the facts and find the artists leading the next big design trends. Fans include tastemakers such as Gwyneth Paltrow and Martha Stewart. Remodelista's highly visual take on design of course makes Pinterest a natural place for fans to find and share related photos. You'll find boards curated by the specific editors as well as DIY projects, entertaining ideas, Steal This Look inspiration and much more. It's a great way to browse visually by theme or topic.

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Joy the Baker


Joy Wilson is the founder and editor of Joy the Baker, a site which chronicles the adventures of Joy and her family in Los Angeles. A self-taught baker, Joy has amassed a huge audience as she experiments with recipes, documents her home by the beach, entertains, and does it all with humor and grace. Her work has inspired two best-selling cookbooks and countless new bakers. Her Pinterest boards convey the same easy joie de vivre that you'll find in her baking posts and extends them to places and spaces she loves, style, projects and accessories. If you want to live like Joy outside the kitchen, this is a great way to explore her brand.

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Gardenista features inspirational viewpoints and advice for all things related to outdoor living, from patios and peonies to tables and terraces. An extension of Remodelista, Gardenista shares a deep sense of style and space that allows readers to explore and plan their next outdoor home project. The Gardenista Pinterest board is where you'll find a visual way to explore outdoor furniture, landscapes, edible gardens and indoor plants. When you need your green fix and a breath of fresh air, this is your happy place.

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Naomi Davis // Love Taza


Naomi Davis met her husband in Manhattan while she was at Juilliard and he was at Columbia. They became best friends, fell in love and were married in 2007. And the rest, as they say, is history. Lucky for the rest of us, they share their beautiful life in the Big City with their two little ones on Love Taza | Rockstar Diaries and on Pinterest. You'll find home inspiration, fashion inspiration, party inspiration – and of course adorable items for kids and babes. When Naomi is curating it, life is beautiful.

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The Kitchn


A vibrant destination for food lovers, The Kitchn cares about nourishment and how it affects your health and the planet. The Kitchn unites the world of kitchen dwellers, engaging more than a million monthly readers who take charge of the food they eat and find the fun in a home-cooked meal. The Kitchn's Pinterest board features easy weeknight meals, how-tos, cooking essentials, boozy drinks and fall recipes. Yum.

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Dogster and Catster


The editors of the leading destinations for and cat and dog lovers also curate some awesome Pinterest boards including the self-descriptive Cute Overload, For the Pampered Pooch, Dogs In Beautiful Spaces and Cat and Dog Ink. Rawr.

For more Food and Living inspiration on Pinterest from Say Media's content partners, check out the boards from ManMade DIY, Mom Spark, Our Best Bites, Crumb, Turntable Kitchen, Amateur Gourmet and Foodess to name just a few.

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