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Rookie Yearbook 2: Literally the Best Thing Ever

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A recent article in Slate sings praises for Rookie's latest print yearbook:

On the book table at Urban Outfitters, stacked among the silly Tumblr-to-print tomes that a certain type of young adult tends to store in the bathroom, you will find a curious cultural artifact called Rookie Yearbook Two. A magical thing hiding among sad gimmicks, the book collects a year’s worth of highlights from Tavi Gevinson’s Web magazine for teenage girls. It’s being marketed as a keepsake for regular Rookie readers or as a gift for your niece, so it will be overlooked by most adult eyes. But it shouldn’t be.

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Read the full review of the yearbook in Slate here.

Rookie editor in chief Tavi Gevinson was also on Jimmy Fallon earlier this month and created a custom collage for Jimmy from the yearbook. You can check it out here:

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