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Telling Stories in Six Words

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The Six-Word Festival, an online celebration of storytelling and brevity, has been taking place on Twitter this week. The festival challenged the Twitterverse to come up with six-word responses to prompts that were then judged by celebrity judges. Countless celebrities have authored Six Words including Stephen Colbert, Oprah Winfrey, Malcolm Gladwell, Jane Fonda, Deepak Chopra, and Taylor Swift among others. The Six-Word Festival is hosted by Six Words, the home of the Six-Word Memoir. Larry Smith of SMITH Magazine launched the project on Twitter back in 2006.

This year Say Media's own Owen Thomas and the editors of ReadWrite were the celebrity judges of the prompt “I only turn my phone off when…” and the results were hilarious. The top 6:

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You can read more here or search twitter on the hashtag #nophone.

Jane Pratt and her xoJane editors were the judges of the prompt "Six Words Mom Never Told Me" and the best tweets were too much fun. The top 6 included:

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You can read more here or search Twitter on the hashtag #momforgot.

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