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Ivory Lane: Polished, Elegant Style

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h1 I put together looks that promote ways to infuse a specific item into a wardrobe.

Emily Jackson, Ivory Lane

Today's fashion lovers are social – and they get their fashion inspiration not just from Elle, Vogue and other traditional sources, they get it instantly, online from their style icons and each other. Case in point: Emily Jackson of Ivory Lane who's in New York this week covering Fashion Week and part of the new front row. Follow her on Instagram and you'll catch Emily's shots from the Tory Burch show and see why she was recently named a Vanity Fair User's Choice Best Dressed.

Best of all? All her outfits are shoppable with links to what she's wearing so you can buy it on the spot.

Ivory Lane is a new Say Media content partner. We caught up with Emily just before this week's New York Fashion Week to find out what she's excited about for the season – and how she likes to work with brands.

You get to see and try a lot of fashion pieces early. What are your current most wanted items? Fashion is unique in that there are so many differing, strong opinions as to what is on trend, and what is not. I often have the unique opportunity to work hand-in-hand with companies on their marketing efforts for up and coming collections. By gaining this early access, I can decide for myself what trends I love for an approaching season, in other words, this gives me a chance to lead in the industry and have a voice that hopefully my readers enjoy! My current most wanted items for fall? That’s such a hard questions to answer. I guess it depends on the budget, but if there were no restrictions, then I would grab a Stella McCartney dress, a pair of YSL pumps, and of course, a Burberry trench.

There's so much amazing eye candy and fashion on the Web – how do you decide what to feature on your site? My blog features my personal style. I research and pick the items that are featured on my blog and I am always so excited when my readers enjoy what I have selected! I don’t get the chance to thank each one of my readers individually for every comment, but I wish there was a way I could, they always mean a lot to me! I get inspiration from everywhere I go, including but not limited to, different cultures, nature, and all types of design. From the Web specifically, I get inspiration from other influencers that I follow and communicate with via social media.

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What's your unique point of view on style? I am always looking for a polished, elegant, feminine feel to anything I put together. I love classic lines and that’s what I use as the foundation for my wardrobe, I am drawn to those types of silhouettes. At times it’s fun to add more trendy items to change up the classic pieces, this adds more variety and is how I keep my style current. I don’t want to dress too loud and cause a scene, but you definitely want to get noticed.

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What style trends are you most excited about for the next 12 months? Wow! This is a question that could fill up an entire page, so I’ll go ahead and give you the abbreviated version. In my opinion, floral was such a fun summer trend that I don’t see why it can’t transition into fall. Fall floral will have a warmer feel to it than what we have seen over the summer, but will still provide a nice pop of color to add to our wardrobe. For the cold weather, I am looking for over-sized coats and bright winter-whites, emerald, it will be exciting!

How do you like to work with brands? Each brand has a unique vision for what they are trying to accomplish with each one of their collections. I love talking with brands and understanding each one of those visions. Brands often allow me to select items from their collections that fit mine and my readers’ style. In return, I put together looks that promote ways to infuse a specific item into mine and others’ wardrobes. Some examples of campaigns that I have enjoyed include 7FAM, DVF, Kate Spade Saturday, and Estee Lauder.

What opportunities has your site opened up for you that wouldn't have happened otherwise? My site has opened the door for me to meet so many incredible people! Whether it be through collaborations, conferences, or fashion shows, it’s a lot of fun to meet people who share the same passion for fashion and design.

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What have been the most popular posts on your site to date? Below are links to some of the posts that I and my readers have really enjoyed!

Summer Classic


Coated Denim

What other fashion sites do you admire? Who are your soulmates in style? Some of the sites that I love to follow include my sister’s site Pink Peonies, Glitter Guide, and Who What Wear.

You're Internet famous now – how does it feel? Do people recognize you on the street? I wouldn’t go as far to say that I am famous, but it is a lot of fun when I get the chance to meet and talk with readers. While I feel that I have a great connection with each one of my readers, it is often difficult to envision exactly who they are, that’s why enjoy interacting with them in person whenever I get the chance!

What would your readers be surprised to learn about you? My readers would be surprised to learn that for the most part, my days do not consist of high heels and sunglasses, but rather chasing around my busy little girl. My daughter, Capri, is the most important part of my life and every day with her makes me so happy!

Emily and Ivory Lane are new Say Media content partners. Follow Emily on Twitter and Instagram.

[Photo credits: Ivory Lane]

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