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What Guys Do On Pinterest

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Was it intentional or merely organic? Was Pinterest specifically designed for a female audience or did women just flock to its concept? And when the ladies arrived, did that scare away all the dudes?

The world may never know the answers to these questions, but one thing is for sure: women love Pinterest. Of the Pinterest's 47.8 million users, 72 percent are women. Maybe they are simply responding to Pinterest’s thing-based business model - the platform’s focus isn’t on its social aspects but on its power to catalog the visual web, which consists of photographs of stuff. Stuff is made of things, usually things for sale, which means shopping, which means women love it. But wait, dudes like stuff too, right?

A big part of Pinterest is about food, given that its most followed board is Delicious with 6.9 million followers and the most repinned pin in all of Pinterest is the 104,000+ repins for this garlic cheesy bread. Dudes love garlic cheesy bread, don’t they?

Also, Pinterest was founded by two dudes, including this one. Are they the only dudes that do the dude things that they do? Not exactly. No one may know why women took over Pinterest so quickly on the early ways of the three-year-old social media platform, but guys have been there from the start and are increasingly wading into the world of the pins and repins.

In fact, in the past year, male users of Pinterest have grown from 20 percent to 28 percent; still a minority, but a growing one.

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As it turns out, men are responding to male-focused visual content on Pinterest, including from the boards of the NHL (1.3 million+ followers); Men’s Health Magazine (22K+ followers), the U.S. Army (7,400 followers), Gear Patrol (1,400 followers) and ManMadeDIY (5,000 followers) – and they're moving in to stay.

Full disclosure: Gear Patrol and ManMadeDIY are Say Media content partners.


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