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Top 10 Real Men of Pinterest

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So we know that guys are 28 percent of the active users on Pinterest and growing – and we know what they do there. But who do they follow?

While the most popular users on Twitter are celebrities and consumer brands (@justinbieber and @katyperry and @ladygaga, are still top 3 on Twitter for example), Pinterest doesn't rely on that fascination to engage its users. In fact, the most popular accounts on Pinterest are not celebrities or products; they’re everyday people who just happen to enjoy sharing their passion for stuff.

In other words, the most popular guy-centric pinners are not popular men's entertainment brands like Playboy (just 2,700 followers) or Men's Health (23,000 followers). Instead, it's real guys, sharing real things they like – from cartography and typography to motorcycles, clothes and generally rad shit. And they have millions of fans.

A rundown of these real men of Pinterest:

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Mike D

No, he’s not a Beastie Boy; he’s a design lover from Cincinnati with 3.8 million Pinterest followers. He drops pins on his favorite looks in illustration, typography, badgography (that’s the art of badges, obvs), and food and clothes and shoes and etc.

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Daniel Bear Hunley

This guy is from Nashville, and his 1.7 million Pinterest followers know him as a guy who loves to pin things ranging from food to adult beverages to men’s fashion. He’s also into branding, packaging, typography, illustration, ferocious animals, kidz and “man garden.” Also a middle name of Bear? Awesome.

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Michael Wurm, Jr.

He describes himself as a “freelance lifestyle, craft, food and DIY blogger,” and he must be doing something right according to his 3.6 million followers. He decorates; he creates; he is inspired by you, or so he says.

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His profile states that he is “just a gentleman hooked on hue,” so he must be a dude, right? His 2.7 million followers know him as a UK-based pinner of men and women’s fashion, foodie food, bright art and bright flowers.

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Thomas Murphy

Pinning from Brooklyn, Mr. Murphy might be the toughest dude on Pinterest with more than a million followers. Living in NYC, he is obviously obsessed with residential spaces, art, food, and Dads, kids & style.

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Mike McDowell

This dude is from Denver; he’s a ceramic artist; he has more than a million followers on Pinterest. He pins about interior design, chairs, ceramics and more ceramics. Great eye.

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Jonathan Lo

An art director and blogger from Irvine, California Jonathan has amassed 1.1 million Pinterest followers from his pinning on home goods, graphics, packaging and personal styling.

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Nathan Strange

There’s nothing strange about this dude having more than a million followers. He pins about typography, beards, and church. He’s from Texas, obviously.

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Christopher Culley

Also from Texas and also with more than a million followers, this dude pins about furniture, bicycles and food.

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Luke Dean-Weymark

This Australian dude has almost a million followers, and he pins about sports cars, surfing, and fixed-gear bicycles.

Who are your favorite guys on Pinterest? Let us know in the comments.

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