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The Chalkboard Mag: A Study In Living Well

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h1 Sustainability and great local artisanship go hand in hand, which is easy to embrace if you're a lover of design.

Suzanne Hall, The Chalkboard

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Exactly what's in the fridge of your favorite healthy celeb? What all-natural beauty products are good for you and give you an all-natural glow? Welcome to The Chalkboard, your new favorite place for all things green, tasty and healthy. You'll find out what the best new superfoods are and how to use them, DIY healthy recipes like how to make your own sriracha sauce, a super model's health tips and city guides for popular destinations.

The Chalkboard is Pressed Juicery's take into the wellness lifestyle and a new Say Media content partner. We caught up with the managing editor Suzanne Hall to ask her about the site's most popular posts, innovations that excite her and some responsible products she's loving right now. Read it and you'll feel better!

For people new to The Chalkboard site, what are your all-time most popular posts? What our readers love more than anything are recipes for green juices and green smoothies! We can't really argue with that. The Chalkboard is a guide to living well. We cover everything from superfoods to flower remedies, tips from LA and NY's best trainers to glimpses inside healthy taste-maker's kitchens and gardens. The personal insights of our incredible guest editors and other wellness experts are always very popular.

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Who should read Chalkboard – and what will they learn? Out motto is that 'everyone has something to teach and everyone has something to learn'. There is room for everyone on the Chalkboard, from vegans and raw foodies to the gluten-free and health-curious. One thing we and our readers value is that sweet spot where aspirational ideas and images meet practical and accessible information.

What's a wellness innovation or product you're particularly excited about right now? I'm all about natural beauty everything right now. It's an incredibly exciting time for all-natural skincare and makeup. Our shopping event at Fashion Week in September called A Night of Green Beauty features over a dozen incredible natural beauty lines and their luxuriously clean products! Natural beauty is going to the next level right now!

What are some current responsible products you're enjoying right now? Sustainability and great local artisanship go hand in hand, which is easy to embrace if you're a lover of design - I'm obsessed with all of West Elm's artisan collaborations right now, so smart. I also love to shop the Santa Monica farmer's market and, when I can't make it to market, I use Summerland Produce, who delivers organic produce boxes to your doorstep - they're a dream!

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You cover healthful recipes, all-natural products, wellness, mind-body wisdom… What other sites are your soulmates? Who else is doing a great job with wellness and healthy living? I love what some of our guest editors such as Kris Carr, Jamie Oliver and Gabby Reece are doing. Every guest that we select is personally inspiring to us. Kris, Jamie - all of our guests - have personality for days, keep up with continually inspiring narratives, and create super-accessible content that both we and our readers rely on!

How would you finish this sentence: Feeling great is…more important than you think. Personally, my productivity and creativity are at their peak only when I'm making strong efforts to care for my own physical, mental and spiritual health. How you're caring for and dealing with yourself inwardly, in every sense, will show up outwardly in the course of time.

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